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Genetically Engineering Monsters | The Crit Show 0005

This week we talk about creating our own monsters using CRISPR. What would you create? Later in the show Logan calls AT&T on their bs, talk about Trump, and a few other fun things.
Also, we are hiring writers. Stay tuned for info.
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Terrible Intro
Justin Enters: 00:50
Chickens Becoming Dinosaurs: 1:10
What if We Engineer Humans? 4:15
Read Red Rising 5:05
Grow Plants/Weed in the Growbox: 8:00
Justin Makin’ it Rain: 9:00
No Mans Sky Wins Lawsuit: 10:04 is amazing: 12:30 is back 13:35
Rule 41: One Warrant to Hack the World: 15:29
AT&T VS Net Neutrality 17:15
Canada to Backup the Internet: 19:23 in the wayback machine: 20:07
Pocket Synthesiser: 21:00
HP Tests The Machine: 22:34
The Internet of Connected Shit: 23:00
Get a .tech domain: 25:00
Logan’s Inbox – email him: [email protected] … or, lol: 25:20
We are hiring writers: 30:24
The Community is Awesome, Thanks All: 31:40


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