Genetically Engineering Monsters | The Crit Show 0005

This week we talk about creating our own monsters using CRISPR. What would you create? Later in the show Logan calls AT&T on their bs, talk about Trump, and a few other fun things.
Also, we are hiring writers. Stay tuned for info.
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Terrible Intro
Justin Enters: 00:50
Chickens Becoming Dinosaurs: 1:10
What if We Engineer Humans? 4:15
Read Red Rising 5:05
Grow Plants/Weed in the Growbox: 8:00
Justin Makin’ it Rain: 9:00
No Mans Sky Wins Lawsuit: 10:04 is amazing: 12:30 is back 13:35
Rule 41: One Warrant to Hack the World: 15:29
AT&T VS Net Neutrality 17:15
Canada to Backup the Internet: 19:23 in the wayback machine: 20:07
Pocket Synthesiser: 21:00
HP Tests The Machine: 22:34
The Internet of Connected Shit: 23:00
Get a .tech domain: 25:00
Logan’s Inbox – email him: [email protected] … or, lol: 25:20
We are hiring writers: 30:24
The Community is Awesome, Thanks All: 31:40
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Notable Replies

  1. Now was i tripping or was that a new mouse with the Razethew0rld logo on it??

  2. 'Rule 41' mentioned at 15':29" into the video is not a good situation for anyone connected to the internet, whether you're law abiding (or not) it's still very intrusive.

  3. We got 7-8 samples while in China... Some would be amazing for an even lower cost version... and maybe one or two would be good for a 3360 sensor... I would have released one before the holidays, but the timing was bad with the channel split.

  4. The BeeSyndicate blog got moved to level1 when the Tek Syndicate forums moved after Tekxit and the blog is quite happy at level1. If the community is interested in it I would happy to post a mirror of it here on too.

  5. If you could please, I enjoyed reading your BeeSyndicate Blog.

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