Elon Musk is a Dangerous Fraud | I’m Embarrassed That I Ever Believed Him – RANT:30

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Elon Musk is clearly a megalomaniac and a narcissist, but the extent of this is just becoming common knowledge. There are still a huge number of creepy nerds who defend this insane billionaire.

We are going to discuss this in detail. He has a pattern of doing the following: getting everyone excited about some sci-fi technology that could change the world. Promising that he is the only man smart enough to do it… promising that it will be cheap… then the obedient media hypes his stock price… then Musk delivers next to nothing. It’s all hype and it’s making him rich.


His early “poor years”
– This article is very dishonest… it refutes facts by quoting elon musk tantrum tweets:

Who coded Zip2: (his code was re-written because it wasn’t good)

Musk did NOT create PayPal or even work at PayPal. It was called Confinity until he was FIRED.

Who made Tesla,_Inc.#Founding_(2003%E2%80%932004)
– Musk being a huge baby about the true roadster creator:
– The car Eberhard got:

Solar City is nonsense:

Starlink is nonsense:
– Cost to launch Falcon 9:
– Cost of Satellite: (plenty of bs income charts to laugh at too)
– delusional morons who think 42k satellites every 5 years is ok…

Starlink satellite lifespan?? from Starlink

The Boring Company is nonsense:

Musk’s China Situation:

Elon Borrowing Money All the Time:

Where the Musk Foundation Donates and Hides Money

Extra stuff:

My general research links (extra stuff):


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