• NZXT Partners with ASUS RoG | Special Edition NZXT Noctis 450

    Today, NZXT announced that they’re partnering with ASUS to come out with an exclusive “ROG-certified” edition of the Noctis 450, featuring Aura sync and a new gun gray finish. The Aura sync will enable users to synchronize lighting effects with more than 9 different lighting modes by connecting their Aura certified motherboards. It includes and powers two internal LED strips, the case’s power LED, some siiiick underglow and the PSU shroud. If you don’t have an Aura certified motherboard, they include a 4-pin adapter which allows the users to turn all the LEDs red. Besides the finish and the LED features, this seems like a pretty standard case. We are told there are lots of mounting spaces for ventilation and radiator mountings if you want to watercool. Additionally, they include a 8-port PWM fan controller so you can hook up your motherboard and control voltage regulation for the case fans. Dimensions W: 220mm H: 567mm D: 544mm Material(s) Steel, Plastic Total Weight 9.5g Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX External Features 2 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0, Audio/Mic, I/O panel LED lighting Cooling Front 2x140mm or 3x120mm (included) Radiators up to 360mm Top 2x140mm or 3x120mm Radiators up to 360mm Rear 1x140mm …

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  • Canadians To Back Up Entire Internet – To Save it From Trump

    The library of Alexandria, Library of Antioch, Xianyang Palace, “the history of libraries is one of loss.” This quote comes from the Internet Archive of Canada. The recent election of Donald “Ragnarok” Trump has them worried about the future of the internet and they do not want to see history repeat itself. So, they have decided to backup the entire internet. I’m going to leave the politics out of this and let everyone argue on their own. The mission is lofty: to give everyone access to all knowledge, forever. They have already worked on the Wayback Machine, but they need to raise millions to make this happen. Historically archiving the internet will require petabytes of data and some insane infrastructure. If they achieve their funding goals I will ask them for a tech tour. The catalyst aside, I hope they make this happen. Check out their blog here: Oh Canada! Here’s a link to their donation page: Donate to the Internet Archives

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