Boobie Shooter? Bloodhound is Full of Boobs and Blood

Check out Bloodhound:
Here’s a very short look at a new boomer shooter: Bloodhound. It’s nothing new, but it’s fun. For fans of #Doom, #Quake, #Painkiller, #SeriousSam, Boobies, #dusk

FEATURES (from their marketing thing)

Arcade Horror First Person Shooter
Singleplayer with a linear story
Badass hero
10 fancy & deadly weapons
16 unique enemies and 5 bosses
5 adrenaline-filled acts
Satisfying combat gameplay
Hellish locations inspired by cult horror movies and real places
Melodic instrumental metal from the band Sons of Amon
Feel like in heaven smashing demons
Powered by Unreal Engine 4®

#bloodhound #bloodhoundshooter #bloodhoundgame #bloodhoundfps
#keymailer Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from


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