Anime Rendering 101: Best HandBrake Settings Explained – H.265 & Opus

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Anime rendering is VERY serious business… and that is why I have created this video to help you make the highest quality anime renders at the smallest file sizes. I use h.265 for video, opus for audio, and there’s several tricks to maximize quality.

A note on opus for audio: Opus is not supported by every player on the market and some users have had issues with mobile viewing. I watch these files on an Android tablet using Jellyfin OR VLC and have never had any issues, but if you are worried, use AAC. Here’s my video on Jellyfin:

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Gallery… GRAIN vs ANIMATION! In the galleries below, I have rendered the anime multiple times using different settings. This should act as a guide, so you can decide which tuning to use. The titles will tell you which preset was used (animation, grain, or none). Hope this helps!

Ghost in the Shell 1995 (From the 4k Bluray)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese Bluray)


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