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We have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of products. We have been all over the world. Now it’s time for us to start making stuff based upon what we want. We’re proud to announce that we’ve gone back to making hardware again. For starters, we’re releasing the Fenek Standard Issue gaming mouse. The Standard issue is a sleek blend of precision and hardware. A mouse built by gamers, for gamers. Fenek is our hardware brand now. Let us know what you think. We also have some other products rolling out so stay tuned.

EDIT – I messed up, there is no 4000 DPI, but there is 2400.

Check out the Fenek Standard Issue Here: www.epicpants.com/everything/fenekstandardissue

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Notable Replies

  1. Is it possible to make them stackable?


  2. @Logan is there going to be another mouse other then the standard issue?
    Me browsing around to find other stuff to buy as i was trying to stomach the $22 shipping and noticed this in the image.

  3. Will says:

    I’m really excited for this to come out. Kinda regret not getting one of the TS Standard Issue mouses (debated too long, and then they were sold out), so I snatched one right away this time.

    I know some people were like meh, who cares about driverless, drivers are free. But personally I think this is a great feature for people who are on Linux or want to switch to Linux but are put off by the fact that none of the major peripheral companies offer drivers for Linux (that I’m aware of). Anything to help ease the burden of not having native software is appreciated.

    @Zoey_Yea_Boom I do not speak for TS, but I did notice he mentioned another form factor coming out that was going to be more of a righty mouse (so I’m assuming more curvy, specifically for righties), as well as possibly a keyboard.

  4. I have the Original, Haven’t ordered the new Standard issue.
    But will prob get two, so i can some change to it, as i would mod one with a Steel braided cable.

  5. Well, we are sending it to Amazon UK. I’ll see about getting it to the continent.

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