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Ultimate Nvidia GTX 960 Overview & SLI Benchmarks VS GTX 970

Check prices on Amazon (globally active links):MSI GTX 960 100ME: http://geni.us/3BvaASUS GTX 960 STRIX: http://geni.us/20JONvidia GTX 970: http://geni.us/2CSiThe Nvidia GTX...


ASUS GTX 960 STRIX Review & Benchmarks | Tek Syndicate

Check price:ASUS GTX 960 STRIX (global Amazon link): http://geni.us/20JOThe ASUS GTX 960 STRIX is here and it is a very interesting card. Specs:


MSI GTX 960 100 Million Edition (Limited) Review & Benchmarks | Tek Syndicate

Check price on the MSI GTX 960 100ME: http://geni.us/3BvaLimited edition items are fun. This is the MSI GTX 960 100 Million Edition. It's similar to their other cards, but in green and black. I'm not sure if that makes it faster or not, but it...


Samson Meteor M2 Desktop Speakers Review | How Do They Sound?

Where to buy:Massdrop (save a lot here): http://dro.ps/teksyndicateAmazon: http://geni.us/1IPZSpecsCompact multimedia speaker systemSold as a stereo pair (one active speaker, one passive speaker)2.5"...


Antec Is Back, Mionix Quantified Gaming, & Adata Crazy Memory | CES 2015

We were all very surprised by the epic cases Antec was showing. They had a full line in various sizes. Mionix has a new mouse that will monitor your heart rate (among other things), and ADATA had some server-grade SSDs, DDR4, crazy-fast m.2 drives, and a lot more. Check out the...


ASUS Monitors (FreeSync?), Strix Gear | DEEPCOOL Cases, 280mm Radiator | CES 2015

ASUS had a FreeSync monitor! It has not been certified by AMD yet, but it is fully DisplayPort 1.2a compatible, so it supports adaptive v-sync... which is FreeSync. AMD should certify it soon. Also, we saw several new gaming mice, monitors, keyboards, a true 7.1 headset, an M.2...


Corsair: 280mm Radiator, Phison SSD, Silent Cases, Reactive RGB Gaming | CES 2015

Corsair had some impressive silent cases to show and they have made some modifications to existing cases. Check out the video for that and all the other stuff. Thanks to our sponsors. Check out their stuff:Thermaltake: https...


Mushkin Crazy Fast Memory, Iris Scanner, Enterprise Storage Stuff | CES 2015

We were all very impressed with what Mushkin was showing at CES. Check out the video for details. Also, if you want some enterprise gear, we have some of that too.Thanks to our sponsors. Check out their stuff:Thermaltake: ...


Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Tiffen, Nikon | Epic Cameras & Gear | CES 2015

We all love professional camera gear around here, but we do not usually have much time to focus on it (sorry for the pun). Albert gives this category some much needed attention. Let us know what you think. Thanks to our sponsors. Check out their stuff:Thermaltake: ...