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PDX Lan Case Mods: Video 1

The site wasn't working a day ago when this video was launched. Here it is for comment. We have another on the way. Stay tuned!


The Tek PDX: With Jay, Barnacules, Wendell, & Ed

Special thanks to our sponsors: Fractal: https://teksyndicate.com/fractaltekSapphire: http://www.sapphiretech.com/V1 Tech (for the hotel room): http://...


Gear Tour: PDX Lan | What We Took With Us

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Build: X99 SLI Gaming PC | Be Irresponsible

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INBOX.EXE: Where We Would Live If We Could Live Anywhere

Sorry about the audio. We were forced to install Skype and had no idea that there was automatic gain control. We did not use Skype, but it did the gain control randomly and killed the audio... Anyway, no time to re-shoot.To submit a question go here:...


Sapphire AMD R9 290X VaporX 8GB Review & Benchmarks

Where to buy: Sapphire R9 290X VaporX  8GB: http://geni.us/3Q8YSapphire R9 290X VaporX 4GB: http://geni.us/2fzpLet us know what you think of the video.Test system:EVGA X99 Classified Intel 5960XCorsair 16GB...


The Tek 0170: You Don't Own Your TV, It Owns You

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Mayflower Electronics CMOY Portable AMP - Win One! (We Inspired This Product)

Where to buy: Mayflower CMOY Portable Headphone Amplifier - Mayflower ElectronicsSpecs:Gain Switch – Internal two stage gain switch. Configured stock for 2x and 4x...