The Tek 0038: The Last Tek Before the End of the World

The world will be over soon. We have decided to live on. This week we talk a lot about the warrant-less wiretapping and surveillance. It seems there are a few good guys in the senate.

Here are the raw, unedited notes (as usual)

The End of the World!

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Senate trying to sneak Warrantless Spying Bill into Congress:

Judge Oks Warrantless Cell-Site data in Landmark Privacy Case



At least some Senators are Interested in Private Data Brokers



Want a robot dragonfly?


Google to do epic homepage for end of the world


Autoplay video Ads on FB


Germany orders FB to change real name policy and allow pseudonyms


Apple tells customer than the midwest is too humid for the iMac


84% of kickstarter projects miss their ship date:


Tech news/ Internet Culture/ Policy/ ETC.


Aussie ISP will not copyright cops for Hollywood


Data caps just a cash cow


Kodak Patents up for grabs


Moot laments the death of  internet culture

"Citizens generally assume our government is not spying on them," Merkley told U.S. News. "If they had any inkling of how this system really works, the details of which I cannot discuss, they would be profoundly appalled."


Bold added for emphasis.


This is was interesting


The government has been fighting to bury Jewel v. NSA  since it was filed in 2008, claiming that the NSA programhttps://www.eff.org/nsa-spying/how-it-works is too secret to be litigated. 

The video arguments there is somewhat interesting, but dry as a cracker.


Something Interesting Is Happening We Predicted:


Slightly inflammatory article, but something to have fun with.

Microsoft annoyed OEMs by making hardware, and the OEMs are now touting Google solutions. 



Nvidia Tegra 4 will be six times faster than Tegra 3



Another Earth


Tornado Power Generator



War Z Pulled from Steam


Gog sales

THQ says everything is on schedule

Humble Bundle 7


Gaming and Shootings... not related


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moot is just sad cause /b/ is full of cancer

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Logan, SHAVE

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What!? Are you unaware that there's just nothing better than a beard?

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All the effort he puts into growing a beard and you want him to shave it?!  You sir, are ungrateful.  I bet you can't even grow a beard!  Why else would one suggest that someone shave such a magnificent beard.


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You really COULDN'T care less, not could!!!!


Also, RIP Carl Sagan, Dec 20th, 1996.

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Logan, for the contest why not: Gamapalooza because everyday's a party when you're gaming!


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1 minute left... Tek is 35mins :(

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"Maybe they should stop trying to shoehorn these LCDs into an aluminum can" - I lol'd good call Wendell.

Seriously they have enough money to replace a few LCD screens ffs.

Imagine if Tau Ceti had two earth like planets both with life on them and they have found each other and have a thriving interplanetary economy.  Would be sweet.  Then humans get there try out the RKV by blowing them to pieces!

Did you guys see this? Good-guy-Ron Wyden introduced a bill to regulate data caps!  Lets watch the telco lobby shoot this down in 4.2 seconds flat.

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Great video Logan! Keep up the good work.

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Another epic video! Every morning when I log in to youtube and see a new Tek video I smile! You rock! 

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Zweihander is currently on the front page of electronic :)

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That word Innovation , it drives me insane! I think I havent heard it used correctly this entire year.

Apple uses it incorrectly a lot by calling improvement innovation, and people ridicule them for that. But those same people say things like "Patents hold back innovation". Just wait a minute? what ? Patents (saying this is my new idea and you cant use it) holds you back from inventing something completely new or different to what has been patented ? Not likely! . Patents can hold back your ability to improve exsisting technology and being able to sell that as a product but im pretty sure the patent holder would pay you a nice sum for your improvement ideas(if you patent them of corse).

Patents can work with improvement and if what you are doing is really innovation , there won't be an existing patent anyway.




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anyone else think the robot dragonflies are going to be a big problem in new future? I could deffinetly see the police using the video feeds and if you have a criminal record they can just assign one of these to follow you around. are they seeling you a robot to spy on yourself?