The Tek 0011: Best and Worst of E3, Megaupload VS FBI, Facebook is Dying, Etc.

The FBI is going to hate us after this. Megaupload vs government, Anonymous vs Jennifer Emick, E3 insanity, Razer Synapse 2... The list goes on.
Here are this week's notes (raw and unedited as usual): 
Policy, Legal, & Hacktivism
Anonymous VS Jennifer Emick


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Best and Worst of E3

The worst: WTF marketing... Usher? really?
Celebrities... wtf
The best:
Borderlands 2 and XCOM, 2k games... 
Company of Heroes 2
snow has substance... line of sight... tactical RTS... Eastern Front, not D-Day, 
Crysis 3
Star Wars 1313
Darker star wars... takes place over 1000 stories down... 3rd person action platformer.
Watch Dogs
posted 4 years 4 months ago

YES! A new episode of The Tek! Must hurry to the kitchen and make a sandwich before I watch this!!

posted 4 years 4 months ago

Hey, EA. You know what cheapens IP? Shit that you do to games like you did to Mass Effect 3.

posted 4 years 4 months ago

The majority of the comments on YT is all about one dislike... lol


posted 4 years 4 months ago

I thought, & still think that the "Usher" thing is shameful, for E3 & the whole game industry, but when I watched the second video on the list, I got the point;

So it was basically, for a fags' games, they brought fags' stuff & did it on the fags way...

posted 4 years 4 months ago

DDoS is more like a sit in, it is a form of protest, i can see why it is illegal, but it should not be considered 'hacking'. truethfuly, i disagree with a very small persentage of anonymous... the problem is with anonymous, is there is no leader. someone pitches an idea, and if the general majority agree with it, they partake and it is sucessful. because of this, there is no one true objective. yes on a macro scale they seem to dislike large corperations restricting users.... but at a micro scale, there is no real 'agenda'.

moving on, you said they were more chaotic neutral.... i guess they could be seen that way, but i mean they have taken down child pornography websites and reported a lot of the users to the athorities. anonymous does not get much out of that.... thats never in the news, and they dont get some reward... so i think of them more as good then bad. (as i said above, there is no structured control group, so oviously every now and then they do something i dont agree with.)

personaly, i dont think ACTA would have been stoped if it was not for the large push with anonymous.

</anon rant>


ok, moving on to megaupload.... kim dotcom was in the right.... he had a legitiment buisness which was protected under us laws. just like youtube, with uploaded files, the site owner is not responsible for the content! the user is. just like how the post office is not responsible if oyu send drugs through the mail. the post office emploies dont get arrested, the person sending and recieving the package does! same goes with pirated content. the person uploading and downloading are in the wrong. not the content provider.


ok, so IPv6.... if you are in north america, you can actualy REQUEST an ipv6 block. (assuming you will use at least 2000 addresses within 12 months) https://www.arin.net/resources/request/ipv6_initial_assign.html


ok, so windows 8 rant.... why do i want my computer turned into a tablet? why do i want to install it on my ARM device when i cant use my own web browser? it is going to make OS' require a certificate to boot, so its going to make linux a bit more of a hastle (except for red hat... they have their own cert now). and on ARM devices made for windows 8, its going to lock out all other opperating systems. screw windows 8.....


if you start die stacking on such a small scale (like 28nm), you need heat disapation channels between the dies.  interesting thing... i have seen an artical where they were able to create transistors and wires nly a few atoms accross. i believe the transistor was 1 atom at the p/n channel. woot technology!


and im going out on a tangent here... but i think ubisoft has the most amazing marketing team..... they purposly make a bad trailer for a game that everyone is somewhat familiar with, knowing it will make their next trailer look good in comparison without hurting sales too badly. then they release a new game that is bloody amazing, and it looks even better when put next to said bad trailer..... marketing controvercy aside... last game i bought was battlefield bad company 2. i usualy only buy one game every year or 2 (do a lot of programming, not much gaming). watch dog is definately my next buy.