The Tek 0008: GTX 690, GTX 670, Ivy Bridge, etc.

This Episode: Sandy Bridge VS Ivy Bridge for gaming, GTX 670, GTX 690 vs GTX 680 SLI, evil governments, the nonsense...

I have decided to share my notes with the audience. It's more fun and easier than writing an article here... So, here are my unedited notes:

Tech :
Ivy Bridge VS Sandy Bridge... a brief overview!
  • Ivy Bridge is about 10-20% faster... does not OC as well... faster for rendering and such... not really needed for gaming, go i5 and OC the hell out of it
GTX 690 VS GTX 680 in SLI:
GeForce 670 beats the 7950 in most games!
  • 4 Graphics Processing Cores (GPCs), 7 Streaming Multiprocessors (SMX)
  • 1344 CUDA cores
  • 112 Texture Memory Units (TMUs), 32 Raster Operation Processors (ROPs)
  • 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface
  • Around 900 MHz base core clock, boost clock and feature availability not known
  • Around 1250 MHz (5.00 GHz GDDR5 effective) memory clock, around 160 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • Estimated price US $349-399
CO2 Eating Light! 
  • Algae feed on C02 in the air
  • During the day the algea produce energy from sunlight and or carbon
  • This energy is stored in batteries
  • At night it lights up
  • Light installed in an underground parking log... can filter 1 ton of C02 per year
Beyond Good and Evil II
EA Indie Bundle: 
Nels said he has never worked for a "big company"
The Walking Dead SPEED review!
  • Adventure Game
  • Limited Freedom
  • Linear
  • On rails
  • Great story
  • Great characters
  • Good voice acting
  • 7.0/10 
Geek Culture:
Texting While Driving!
Read Your Dog's Thoughts:
Policy and Such:
Prime Minister to Block Porn:
David Cameron will say something soon
"Claire Perry" MPMember of Parliamentfor Devizes "get a grip"
Facebook Censoring Comments?
India wants comments filters or pre-screened? Are they doing this? FB said spam filter...
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Only 480p. Noooo! Oh well, great as always.

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Abit late, but the internet is never late! Remember this when it is late....at night! I had a EUREKA moment just now.

Dear EA,

Why dont you....take that Indie idea....and (rush hour).

sincerely, MegaDove.

PS: try this: start making games that are risky, like when published Battlefield 1942. That was a risk, and a damn good one. Perhaps an open world mirrors edge 2? that would be great! or anything that takes the game industry norm and stomps on it.

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Nice a youtube movie from Belgium (not france) (the text while driving one) :-p 

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