The Tek 0006: Ivy Bridge, Gabe Newell, 7970M, Etc.

posted 3 years 6 hours ago

console mouth breather? HAHAHA!  Logan you're great.


posted 3 years 6 hours ago

Logan is starting to really look like Abe Lincoln  0_0

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posted 3 years 5 hours ago

Great Tek. I think part of the reason people are a little shaky about Tek Syndicate is because they feel they were already part of the same community. Maybe some of them like the old name better, the site better, or feel like RTW was the main reason they bought a shirt. It's also possible they feel like it's a forced upgrade. I think Tek Syndicate is great, even though RTW seemed perfectly fine to me.

posted 3 years 4 hours ago

idk I'm like tek syndicate more then raze the world looks much sharper

posted 3 years 42 min ago

Great Tek! When I saw "Gabe Newell" in the title I thought it was going to be about an Official Release of Steam for Linux. That seemsed to be pretty big this morning/afternoon. But you probably made the video before the news came out.Signed the Petition.  

posted 3 years 30 min ago

you just made my day sir...steam for linux...nerdgasm...

posted 2 years 12 months ago

Yeah! We will see a client in the next few months or atleast beforce this year is over. When the client is released or atleast the beta is released it looks like it will only have Lefet for Dead 2, but Valve is working on more of their games to be ported over to Linux. Sounds like Gabe hates the way Microsoft is taking Windows with Windows 8 and hes really getting into Linux and is actively part of their Linux Development team (which is hiring more and more people).

posted 2 years 12 months ago

Ricochet failed hard. So hard, in fact, that it became a joke. Vavle even makes fun of it in their handbook (one of the last pages i believe). If you listen to that podcast, you can be pretty sure that they are talking about Half Life and not about Ricochet.