Plextor M6e PCI Express SSD Review

If 6gb/s is too slow for you check out the Plextor M6e. Wendell tests this one out. Check out the video.


Specs from Plextor's site:

Read/Write Speed (Under Windows NTFS)
Sequential Read Speed
(SATA 6Gb/s)
Up to 770 MB/s*Up to 770 MB/s*Up to 770 MB/s*
Sequential Write Speed
(SATA 6Gb/s)
Up to 335 MB/s*Up to 580 MB/s*Up to 625 MB/s*
Random Read Speed 
Up to 96,000*Up to 105,000*Up to 105,000*
Random Write Speed 
Up to 83,000*Up to 100,000*Up to 100,000*

* Results may vary based on hardware, software and overall system configuration.

Environment and Reliability
Temperature0°C ~ 70°C (Operating)
Shock1500G(Max), At 1 msec half-sine
Vibration7 ~ 800Hz, 16.3Grms (Non-operation)
MTBF>2,400,000 hours
Warranty5 years Plextor's Warranty Service


Operating System SupportedWindows 7 x86 / x64, Windows 8 x86 / x64, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Linux series, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu
Agency ApprovalBSMI, UL, TUV, C-Tick, CE, KCC, VCCI, FCC, ROHS, CB
Command Set SupportTRIM, S.M.A.R.T., NCQ
DATA EncryptionAES 256
Firmware UpgradeSupported
InterfacePCIe Gen2 x 2


Form Factor and Connectors
Form FactorStandardized PCle Card with Half-Height/Half-Length
Power Connector3.3V input
Data ConnectorPCIe connector


Dimension and Weight
Dimension (W/L/H)
121.04 x 180.98 x 22.39 mm
72g (Max)
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 You forgot the P in Performance, too.


Ive seen some SSDs that are like this. They should have this type of interface. BTW Wendell your a tech god. Do more videos!!!!!!! Your rambling is awesome.


The next step would be the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM SSD. That's SSD in the RAM slots, might be a while before we see this in user space, enterprise only right now.




Thanks for the Ad that tells me that non-volatile ram makes my videos download faster or using paypal runs quicker on my phone! (Internet latency is not, and will not be affected by local storage)

umm.. right.. theres an issue of running flash for ram, it makes the system 10X slower, basic DDR2 2gb sticks can pull 4GB/s. try getting flash to do that. you might be lucky to get 400MB/s out of a singe 2GB flash chip

funny enough, i looked into the idea of flash based Ram, and conclusion was: crap speed, system can be just shut off and turned on (if bios allows it) without losing where it was.


the way i see it, i'll never use this in my server where 64GB is split into 2 32GB, and the 2 partitions are mirroring data. If sandisk wants faster flash speeds, take 16 lanes off the CPU and use that to run paralleled data lines to the disk controller


tl;dr Nope. no ssd in my ram ktnxbi


You have the stick, but I think you are missing some of the facts.

 theres an issue of running flash for ram,

It's not RAM, this is a storage medium bolted into the RAM interface. As the memory controller is within the CPU (on modern Intel and AMD CPUs) it means that the storage device is as close to the CPU as possible.

This is not being used as RAM just storage. 

Okay they are not as fast as RAM, (stated Read/Write 1000/760 MB/s over the DDR3 interface) however their capacity is far greater. 200 and 400GB.

 i'll never use this in my server where 64GB is split into 2 32GB, and the 2 partitions are mirroring data.

Again your acting like it's the RAM being storage, not a storage medium using the RAM interface.


Couldn't you just set up some sort of persistent ram disk albeit limited capacity for the time being? 


Cool video wendell.

Thanks ☺



Just me or the amazon link is for Plextor M5P Xtreme Series 2.5-Inch and not the m6e?

me too, but the ebay link works 247 for 128GB  :(


Yea not gonna spend 240 for 128gb SSD, when I can get a samsung evo 256gb.


Why so many Samsung boxes?...seriously though, I'm curious. 


it is around $2 a gigabyte.  me i'm not a power and do not need performance over capacity :(


Those LED's seem like regular through-hole devices, easy enough to tap the signal for a front LED.

I think m.2 is great, it makes the extra performance so much more affordable. Especially for things like video editors or 3D modelers, this makes a huge difference. At the end of 2012, I still paid 1500 EUR for a PCIe SSD <1GB, and that was a really low stock clearance price. It's still faster than these Plextors, especially under Windows because of the dedicated drivers that don't cap the speed because of the filesystem, but in linux, the difference with an m.2 SSD formatted with f2fs will be much smaller. I do think prices need to come down on m.2 SSD's, but once they do, I'm going to fit these in every PC that will take them, if need be with one of these Plextor PCIe units, because Plextor rocks in terms of flash quality, which is a thing in this kind of application.

Very useful video! These are the kind of things that really make a tangible difference in performance, unlike overclocking or UEFI bling or peripherals, this is a raw power upgrade.


Until SSDs fall in cost down to $100 for 500 GB I won't bother with them. I just can't justify the price as it stands now.


wendell does the best review.


This should be interesting for building a ridiculous rig :P

As a request! Would it be possible for you guys to talk/review about a mass storage unit (Not talking about an NAS here since that for me has to few drives)  Like this one : http://blog.backblaze.com/2014/03/19/backblaze-storage-pod-4/ But a more "hobbyist" solution. What raid cards would you recommend etc etc.

Would also like an in-depth thing from Wendell about the differences between SAS/SATA since i can't really wrap my head around it. For example my HP Proliant server uses a SAS raid card to attach sas disks to but I am able to just plug in a standard disk why is that ?

tl;dr more articles please :)


I cannot find the Plextor 512GB M6e SSD in any etailer store. Is it even being sold?


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Is this bootable on non-X86 systems?


non x86 systems??

It literally just came out -- give it a few days to show up and the price to level off. 



Wendell 2016!



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Can you put multiple of these in raid and make it faster?



I Don't know of any board that can RAID PCI-E. Most integrated controllers only use the SATA ports listed in the manual. I run a 128GB for a boot drive but I use 512GB standard SATA Plextor SSD's in RAID on SATA ports. I would love to see what a RAID 0 of these could do.