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Noctua NH-D15 Overview & Overclocked Benchmarks - Intel i7 5960X

Check price or buy here:http://amzn.to/1zfiFel Let us know what you think of the video. Specs:    Socket compatibility   Intel LGA2011-0...


The Tek 0154: Gigabit Over DSL Is Silly

We are back to one episode of The Tek per week now. Squarespace deal: Click here and use code: teksyndicate for a deal!  The Store: ...


OnePlus One RAW Image Test | Best Phone Photography Yet

Here are some large files that were edited by Logan: https://mega.co.nz/#!8ZBgnYga!-87TMU8sBI_MgWNcWO6MvPVlNRWaIaLDN3lUUt1IQ8c Let us know what you think of the OnePlus One's RAW images.


CM Storm Mizar - 8200 DPI Gaming Mouse Overview

Where to buy or check prices: CM Storm Mizer (8200 DPI Laser Mouse): http://geni.us/3zVL CM Storm Alcor (4000 DPI Infrared Mouse): http://geni.us/1ek8 Specs:  Model Number SGM-4005-KLLW1 Available Color...


The Tek 0151: We Crash Paul's Hardware

New shirts! Epic Pants Notes & Links: Intel CPU bugs oh noes not another fdiv! At least it’s not f00f. http://...