Zomg WTF BBQ Videos.

The Tek 0243: Qain Likes Ugly Bananas

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MSI GTX 1070 Gaming Z 8GB - Overview & Benchmarks

Check prices on MSI GTX 1070 Gaming Z Cards on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2amY8kc http://amzn.to/2aHkigG Specs: Interface: PCI Express x16 3.0 Boost / Base Core Clock 1797 MHz / 1607 MHz (OC Mode)...


Server to Gaming Workstation Retrofit - 16 cores / 64gb ram

Behold! The Dual E5-25670 stuffed in a Corsair 780T. Did you fall for the meme and build one?  Converting an old server into a desktop computer isn't ever a perfect process -- and in fact in this case a Skylake i7 machine will have better performance for many things, and be...


NZXT Hue+ Advanced PC Lighting and Cam Software Review

RGB is so polarizing! I'm trying to have a bit of fun with RGB but I'm finding it works better for office lighting than for case lighting haha. Never the less I had a bit of fun playing with the Hue+ and I revisited the NZXT CAM software, which does a lot for you in terms of GPU...


The Tek 0241: Go Augment Yourself

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ASRock X99 Taichi - Overview & Overclock Test

It's a pretty solid motherboard with a great sound implementation, dual intel nics, onboard wifi and good PCIe / m.2 connectivity.  The value here for X99 seems pretty solid in my opinion. Dual Intel NICs, good UEFI, good overclocking options.  I can't wait to test it more.