Speed Up Netflix, YouTube, Etc. & Secure Your Connection From Spying Eyes With a VPN

Video Logan 2 years 8 months ago ISPs netflix PIA vpn youtube
Here is the VPN I am currently using: privateinternetaccess.com I will be interviewing them soon and I want your questions. Feel free to post them below.  Also...

Nintendo Wants to Eat All Your YouTube Ad Revenue

News Feed Logan 3 years 5 months ago console gaming nintendo the internet youtube
Nintendo recently decided to start claiming videos on YouTube. At first it seems as if they were going to be forcing people to remove the videos. Now it seems as though they are going to allow the videos to stay up, however, they are claiming all...

Fair Use and Copyright: A YouTube Tutorial

Video Logan 4 years 1 month ago copyright dmca fair use youtube
Friend of Tek Syndicate, NerdHelpDesk, was recently given two strikes on YouTube due to his tutorial videos. Tutorial videos should almost always be fair use. So, I decided to...

Google's Neural Network Does More Than Just Recognize Cats

News Feed LittleViking 4 years 4 months ago artificial intelligence cats Google neural network youtube
Google's neural network is freaking awesome, and I'm kind of disappointed by the way many of the news outlets have been covering it.  They're basically making it sound like Google made a neural network that was trained to recognize cats when, in...
Ron Paul

Banned: The Largest Ron Paul Channel on YouTube

News Feed Logan 4 years 5 months ago policy ron paul youtube
I am not going to state any opinions on Ron Paul in this article. The RonPaul2008dotcom YouTube account was run by the fans and it was the largest Ron Paul YouTube page. After  receiving "multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement...