Kinect Component Maker to Launch Compact 3D Sensor to Fit Smartphones

News Feed LittleViking 3 years 7 months ago 3d Kinect motion sensor Smartphones tablets
PrimeSense, the company which developed the 3D sensing technology used in the Kinect, has announced a cheaper and smaller 3D sensor which could be used in all manner of products--laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.  This sensor, named the "...

Google Nexus 7 Review

Review Logan 3 years 12 months ago Android android 4.1 asus Google jelly bean Nexus tablets
If you want a tablet that can do just about anything and is not tied down by nonsense (phone companies and/ or Apple), then check out the Google Nexus 7. Asus currently makes the best (in my opinion) Android tablets and this one is the best yet....

Microsoft Surface Release Date

News Feed Logan 3 years 12 months ago ipad microsoft surface surface tablets
The Microsoft Surface will be released in October 26th, 2012. With it, Microsoft has their sights on Apple. CEO, Steve Ballmer, said that they plan to compete with Apple on every level. We shall see how good it is (or isn't) in October.  There will...

How to Really Unbox a Google Nexus 7 by Asus

Video Logan 4 years 1 week ago asus goodle hardware nexus 7 tablets unboxing
I am in total shock. This video has over 1 million views and it's been online a couple days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32DD4DF7Qpo Can someone tell me what the problem is? Wendell grabbed...

Microsoft Puts Their Money Into Tablets: Says They Will Outsell PCs Next Year

News Feed Logan 4 years 4 weeks ago hardware pc gaming surface tablets
Last year they predicted that there would be a massive move to tablets. They (whoever they are) also predicted that sales of PCs would drop. It didn't. PC sales,...