Eve Online Kronos update

Eve Online's Next Update, Kronos, Coming Next Month

News Feed Kumo 2 years 5 months ago eve online mmo pc gaming
Looking for a good reason to dive back into the vast, unforgiving online universe that is Eve Online? If you can hold out for at least one more month, CCP Games will be releasing its latest expansion, dubbed Kronos, starting on June 3. One of the...

Star Citizen: A Conversation With Chris Roberts

Video Logan 2 years 6 months ago Chris Roberts mmo pax east 2014 pc gaming start citizen
Chris Roberts (Star Citizen, Wing Commander, etc.) turned up in the Logitech booth. Qain and I had the privileged of speaking with him.  We covered several new features in Star Citizen, including his preferred play style. He is really excited about...

Wildstar - Last Two Races Revealed

News Feed Pistol 3 years 3 months ago mmo mmorpg pc gaming wildstar
In this video, the last two races called the Chua and the Mordesh are unveiled. Done in a cinematic style with their signature humor, no less. This "flick" was all created using the game engine itself. If you get Wildstar, which race are you most...

Pathfinder Online - Work In Progress Video

News Feed Pistol 3 years 3 months ago mmo mmorpg pc gaming
Pathfinder Online is in development and this video shows clips of their early landscape work, fast-forwarding into building implementation and so on. This was a successful Kickstarter fund, reaching a total funding of $1,091,194. Pathfinder Online...

EVE-VR: Oculus Rift View Demo

News Feed Pistol 3 years 4 months ago eve eve online mmo mmorpg oculus rift pc gaming
The people at CCPGAMES (the makers of EVE online) are known for adding new and interesting things to the EVE universe. With the upcoming Oculus Rift and the multiple games being developed for it, the devs at CCPGAMES decided to give it a shot in...

Vortex Reviews: Star Conflict

Review Vortex88 3 years 5 months ago dog fight mmo space Star Conflict
I. Introduction On some level, every gamer has a soft spot for massive space battles and exploration, and it would be an understatement to say that science fiction is an extremely important genre of gaming. When it comes to a massive multiplayer...

Logitech G600 VS. Razer Naga - MMO Mouse Face-off

Article Pistol 3 years 5 months ago gaming mouse mmo mmorpg pc gaming versus
Logitech G600 Pros: Doesn't get dirty quickly due to special coating Thumb buttons uniquely shaped for ease of determination "Ring" click Never accidentally tilt the scroll wheel Very smooth feet/pads Cloth wrapped, light weight braided cable 8200...

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

Review Pistol 3 years 5 months ago gaming mouse logitech mmo mmorpg review
This mouse isn't only for the MMO gamer, as the thumb buttons and extra features can be utilized in just about any genre. A great deal on this mouse can be found here:...

Final Fantasy XIV - Will It REALLY Be Reborn?

Article Pistol 3 years 6 months ago Final Fantasy mmo mmorpg pc gaming
Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV on September 22nd, 2010. Shortly after, an echo from players all over the world made it quite clear that FFXIV did not meet their expectations. Not much changed for the following years. The game continued to...

Gloria Victis: A Dark Medieval Low Fantasy MMO on Kickstarter

News Feed Logan 3 years 11 months ago Gloria Victis mmo pc gaming rpg
Most MMORPG's fall into the high fantasy genre (elves, magic, dragons, evil characters in black cloaks), but Black Eye Games is working on something a bit different. Gloria Victis is a dark fantasy game set in a gritty medieval world.  If you are...

Guild Wars 2: Is It REALLY Ready?

Article Pistol 4 years 3 months ago gaming guild wars 2 mmo pc gaming
I'm sure most of us are aware of the upcoming MMORPG Guild Wars 2. It has an impressively large following, but with good reason. Guild Wars 2 brings things like cooperative play without having to be in a party. Someone else questing in your quest...

The Secret World Open Beta - Register Before Friday

News Feed Logan 4 years 4 months ago gaming mmo pc gaming rpg the secret world
It's time to check out The Secret World. All you need to do is sign up before Friday at http://www.thesecretworld.com/. You will be able to check out the three factions all weekend long. PvP is also now...

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Video - E3 2012

News Feed Logan 4 years 4 months ago bethesda mmo pc gaming rpg tes online the elder scrolls online zenimax
I'm not sure what to make of the footage. The main thing I am seeing is variety. There are so many cultures and styles throughout the world.  The graphics are not on par with Skyrim (especially the modded PC version) but they seem suitable, if not a...

The Elder Scrolls Online Announced

News Feed Logan 4 years 5 months ago bethesda gaming mmo pc gaming rpg skyrim tes the elder scrolls
We all knew about Zenimax Online Studios, we just weren't sure what they were working on. Some said they were working on a Fallout MMO, others said an Elder Scrolls MMO, and then there was always the possibility that they were creating something...

PAX East: Novus Aeterno Exclusive Footage and Interview with Nick Nieuwoudt

Video Logan 4 years 6 months ago gaming indie gaming mmo Nick Nieuwoudt Novus Aeterno pax east 2012 PAX East 2012 rts
Qain was geeking out quite a bit when he saw Novus Aeterno. This MMORTS has an insane level of depth. We were also shocked when we discovered that it was an indie game.  One cool thing that they are doing (and this has never been done before) is...