The Long Dark - Finally A Good Survival Sim - Update

News Feed Pistol 6 months 1 week ago Hinterland indie kickstarter pc gaming The Long Dark
Finally, a survival simulator that actually looks good. There sadly hasn't been a large amount of survival simulator games, and the ones that have attempted were sub-par at best. Having been a survival enthusiast for a long time, this game caught my...

Golem Arcana - Bringing tabletop and technology together

News Feed Pistol 7 months 3 days ago kickstarter shadowrun returns tabletop
The creators of Shadowrun Returns have returned with their newest idea; Golem Arcana. This game marries the old school appeal of tabletop and the new school appeal of technology by using a "pen" that you can touch the characters and the board to...

Kickstart This: GoD Factory: Wingmen

News Feed Logan 11 months 17 hours ago god factory indie games kickstarter pc gaming
Nine Dots Studio showed us GoD Factory: Wingmen at PAX East 2013. The game was already working well. Now, they have placed the game on Kickstarter and...

Indie Watch - GoD Factory, DreadOut, The Gallery

Video Pistol 1 year 1 week ago beer games beer greenlight indie games kickstarter pc gaming steam
Indie Watch is a series of videos where I pick out a group of indie games on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter which I have voted "yes" on and backed personally. I sit down and show them to Logan, who offers his perspective. Games Mentioned (in order...

Chris Avellone May Join The Torment: Tides of Numenera Team

News Feed Pistol 1 year 2 weeks ago indie games kickstarter pc gaming
Torment: Tides of Numenera has done wonderfully on Kickstarter and their time is almost up. Their next goal is $3.5 million. If they reach this goal, they will bring Chris Avellone onto the design team and increase gameplay by 250%. As of posting...

Shadowrun Returns Alpha Gameplay Footage

News Feed Logan 1 year 1 month ago harebrained scmehes kickstarter shadowrun
Here are some of the highlights (for the busy or the lazy)You navagate the world by simply clicking around on the mapCombat is turn based (think Fallout/Wasteland)Your skills will unlock new dialogue optionsMega-corporations control the worldSix...

Torment: Tides of Numenera - New Kickstarter from inXile

News Feed Pistol 1 year 1 month ago indie games inXile kickstarter pc gaming rpg
This is the newest project announced by inXile (Wasteland 2). Being completely funded by Kickstarter, and from what I know so far, they definitely deserve the funding that they've been receiving. Having hit their goal withiin 6 hours is simply...

Wasteland 2 Gameplay Video

News Feed LittleViking 1 year 2 months ago gaming inXile kickstarter pc gaming wasteland 2
inXile has released their first gameplay video of Wasteland 2.  Below is what was written in their Kickstarter Project Update #23:We are very proud to provide the first gameplay video of Wasteland 2, which will allow our backers to see how far we've...

Planescape: Torment successor

News Feed Bek 1 year 4 months ago kickstarter pc gaming planescape rpg
Eurogamer are reporting that Planescape: Torment developer Colin McComb is planning on a successor to the famous RPG, and he...

Project Eternity: Avellone's Kickstarter

News Feed Bek 1 year 7 months ago kickstarter pc gaming planescape project eternity
In what may be the greatest news of all time, Chris Avellone seems to have followed his previous claims of a "Planescape Kickstarter". But don't take my word for it - watch the video above, grab your wallet and head to the kickstarter page found...

Wasteland 2 Leaked Video Footage

News Feed Logan 1 year 7 months ago Fallout indie games kickstarter pc gaming rpg wasteland 2
Wasteland is the granddaddy of all post apocalyptic games. Wasteland 2 is in development (by the original team members) thanks to Kickstarter. So, how is it looking? You be the judge. This is very early into development. The style does need a lot of...

Offbeatr: Kickstarter for Porn (NSFW)

News Feed Logan 1 year 8 months ago crowd-funding kickstarter nerd culture
The nerds shall have porn their way. Offbeater essentially takes the Kickstarter model and applies it to porn. There is one major difference. Before a project can receive funding it must receive a certain number of votes. This will help weed out...

Virtual Reality on Kickstarter

News Feed Kirgio 1 year 8 months ago gaming hardware kickstarter
A new virtual reality project is creating buzz on Kickstarter. The Oculus Rift promises to be the first high quality VR headset designed for gaming that will be available for a consumer audience. During E3 this year the headset made a small...

Chris Avellone on Wasteland, Planescape Kickstarter

News Feed Bek 1 year 8 months ago kickstarter pc gaming
Gameindustry.biz recently interviewed Chris Avellone, where he detailed his work at Obsidian and for Wasteland. Avellone stated that he is "very...

Use Linux to Fix Windows - Jumpshot Antivirus Making a Killing on Kickstarter

News Feed Logan 1 year 9 months ago antivirus av jumpshot kickstarter linux software Windows
Jumpshot is a custom Linux live CD or USB stick and it allows you to fix Windows. It's sort of like booting into "uber safe mode".  Apparently this is just what everyone wanted. It is...

Shadowrun Returns Funded on Kickstarter: Ninjas For All

News Feed Logan 1 year 11 months ago indie games kickstarter rpg shadowrun returns Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun has been funded. The total, including PayPal, was $1,895,772. And here is a message from Hairbrained Schemes: "A-freaking-mazing!  Wowsers! Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo!"Who helped fund it?http://shadowrun.com/

Shadowrun Returns Update 11: Meet the Team

News Feed Logan 1 year 11 months ago indie games kickstarter rpg shadowrun returns Shadowrun Returns videos
It's the programmers. This video introduces some of the team behind Shadowrun Returns and allows them to explain their first experiences with the game.You have until Sunday at 2:59 AM to get involved. The game is at $1.66 million currently. If they...

Shadowrun Kickstarter Hits $1.5 Million

Article Logan 1 year 11 months ago kickstarter music rpg shadowrun returns Shadowrun Returns video
Shadowrun has been doing amazingly well on Kickstarter. They just hit the $1.5 million dollar mark. As promised, they have hired Marshall Parker (composer of the Shadowrun SNES game music) and Sam Powell (composer of the music in the Sega Genesis...

UPDATE: Shadowrun Returns Hits $1 Million on Kickstarter, 10 Days to Go

News Feed Logan 1 year 12 months ago kickstarter pc gaming rpg shadowrun returns Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun shall return. What is Shadowrun? I'm in a hurry so here are the Cliffnotes: Shadowrun Wikipedia page, Shadowrun website.Here is...

Wasteland 2 Updates

Article LittleViking 2 years 3 days ago brian fargo gaming interplay inXile kickstarter pc gaming rpg wasteland 2
Only a few days left to back Wasteland 2.  You can get an insane, massive, high-quality RPG on PC, Mac, or Linux for $15...can't beat that.  I'm really freaking excited for the game, since it looks like it'll really be designed around actually...

Kulturpark: Abandoned Amusement Park Turned Art Community

Article LittleViking 2 years 1 week ago art kickstarter Urban Exploration
Hey everyone, I'm taking a quick break from PAX-related content to let you all know about a really awesome Kickstarter.  It's for "Kulturpark", which takes place at the abandoned Spreepark just outside the Berlin city center.  Kulturepark aims to be...