INBOX.EXE 0045: Ask Us Anything (Within Reason) | Logan & Pistol

Video Logan 2 weeks 23 hours ago games hardware inbox.exe logan music pistol
Plenty of questions are answered in this episode. 

The Tek 0205: Comcast Hates You And Thinks You are Ugly

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The Tek 0203: YT Red, EU Net Neutrality Trouble, Drones Taking Jobs

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Thanks to Galax for sponsoring this video. They are currently giving away a free 240GB SSD with purchase of their 980 ti HOF GPU: http://...

MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Motherboard Review

Video Logan 1 month 1 week ago hardware intel motherboards msi x99
Check prices on the MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Motherboard: http://amzn.to/1jxLJZk Specs:  Socket 2011-3 CPU (Max Support) i7 Baseclock/Hyper Transport 100 / 125 / 167MHz Chipset Intel® X99 Express DDR4 Memory...

Build An eBay Gaming Rig For ~$500 - With Linux | WIN THIS PC!

Video Logan 1 month 2 weeks ago asus Build buildapc deepcool ebay gigabyte hardware Kingston linux mint
Thanks to Mayflower Electronics for covering the parts and helping build this system. Check out their gear: mayflowerelectronics.com All of our parts came from Ebay, so we can not link to the individual parts. You can check ebay here for similar...

The Tek 0200: Why 6-Hour Work Days Are Better

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Thanks to Galax/KFA2 for sponsoring... here are the deals: We have three special offers that I have included mid-way on the reel.....

The Tek 0199: Jeb Bush is a Dumbass

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Galax/KFA2 have a massive event coming up in China. We will be there to cover it. Also, you can win a chance to go: http://www.galax.net/KFA2/goc_2015.html http://...

The Tek 0198: Why is Linux is Not as Big as it Should Be

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The Tek 0197: Can Google Be Trusted More Than Microsoft?

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Thanks Roccat for sponsoring this episode. Check out the Roccat Nyth, I can personally say it's one of the most comfortable mice I've used: Click here to check prices (or click the image):   Check out the epic...

The Tek 0196: Will Human Intelligence Keep Up With AI?

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CastAR (Augmented Reality) Our Favorite Thing at PAX Prime 2015

Video Logan 2 months 3 weeks ago ar castar hardware PAX 2015 vr
There is a lot of VR floating around out there, but my money is on AR when it comes to home use. Sure, VR will be in the home as well, but AR has so many advantages. Check out the video for all the details on CastAR.

Noctua NH-D15S & NH-C14S Overview & Overclocked Tests

Video Logan 3 months 13 hours ago cooling cpu cooling hardware heatsink noctua
Special thanks to Monoprice. Check out their fancy 4k monitor: http://www....

The Tek 0192: From a Secret Location in Downtown Switzerland

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Thanks to Corsair. Without them we wouldn't be here. Keep that in mind. Check out their latest stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r93CKIh--Ak Audio gear we used from our friends at...

The Tek 0191 | Windows 10: Your Own Creepy Stalker

Video Logan 3 months 4 weeks ago hardware science the tek windows 10
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What Powers Quakecon | Network Operations Center Tour

Video Logan 3 months 4 weeks ago bsd hardware Networking pfsense quakecon 2015
OpenBSD, PFSense, nginx, and several other interesting things are being used to power the network operations center at Quakecon. Check out the video for all the details. 

The Tek 0189: Should We Genetically Modify Babies for a Higher IQ?

Video Logan 4 months 1 week ago hacking hardware reddit science the tek
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The Tek 0188: Valve Should Buy AMD

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Single Rails VS Multiple Rails Power Supplies - With Jonny Guru | Corsair PSUs

Video Logan 4 months 2 weeks ago Computex 2015 corsair hardware jonny multiple rails psu single rails wendell
We spoke to Jonny from Corsair regarding this argument: Is it better to have a strong single 12 volt rail or should you have multiple 12 volt rails. Check out the video for the science behind the reasoning. Let us know what you think in the comments...

Lian Li PC-Q26 11 Bay NAS Case Overview

Video Logan 5 months 6 days ago case hardware lian li nas
We picked this up for our upcoming 10 HDD nas build. There is also a spot for a 2.5" drive (perfect for SSD caching).  This case seems to be hard to find in the US markets. We will post links as soon as we get them.  Specs from...

The Tek 0184: When Robots Learn To Think

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The Tek 0177: Nobody Needs Unlimited Data, Do They?

Video Logan 7 months 1 week ago hardware ISPs science the tek Verizon
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The Tek 0176: What's in that Coffee?

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The Tek Live From Seattle... Finally

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Build Log: Logan's New PC... Caught On Fire!

Video Logan 8 months 3 weeks ago Build buildapc corsair evga fractal design hardware nvidia
It's been a long week. My PC is up and running now and I'm primarily using Linux on it. Windows is going to be the secondary OS.  Let us know what you think of this candid/raw video.

Asrock X99 WS-E/10G: 10 Gig Ethernet Onboard

Video Logan 8 months 3 weeks ago 10gig asrock hardware motherboards wendell
Price: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157537 Specs: Server-Grade 10G LAN Chip Support Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012 R2 64-bit / Server 2012 64...

The Tek 0169: Sensational News, Title II, & You Can Too

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The Tek 0168: Chaos Ensues

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The Tek 0167: Windows 10 - What We Think

Video Logan 10 months 6 days ago hardware linux pc gaming politics science the tek windows 10
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Corsair: 280mm Radiator, Phison SSD, Silent Cases, Reactive RGB Gaming | CES 2015

Video Logan 10 months 1 week ago cases ces2015 corsair hardware keyboards mice rgb water cooling
Corsair had some impressive silent cases to show and they have made some modifications to existing cases. Check out the video for that and all the other stuff.  Thanks to our sponsors. Check out their stuff: Thermaltake: ...

Thermaltake X9, X2, X1 Stackable Cases, Water Cooling, & Lots More | CES 2015

Video Logan 10 months 2 weeks ago case ces2015 core x1 core x2 core x9 hardware thermaltake
I'm curious to see what everyone will do with these water cooling units.  Where to buy: Thermaltake Core X9...

be quiet! Straight Power 10 | 600W Overview

Video Logan 10 months 3 weeks ago be quiet! hardware psu
The be quiet! name may not be too familiar in the USA, but our members in the rest of the world surely know of them.  Check prices here: ...

Lian Li PC-05S: One of the Best Looking ITX Cases Ever

Video Logan 11 months 1 week ago cases hardware ITX lian li
We were in a bit of a hurry while making this video and I totally neglected to mention that this unit can be mounted on your wall! Also, there are several different versions that support larger (ATX) hardware configurations: PC-O5: ...

The Tek 0161: Intel, IBM, Cisco, Etc. Against Net Neutrality

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Nvidia GTX 980 SLI Benchmarks - Worth the Money? (EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 SC)

Video Logan 11 months 2 weeks ago evga graphics cards GTX 980 hardware nvidia
We decided to test out two of the EVGA GTX 980 cards in SLI. Is it worth it to buy two? EVGA GTX 980 ACX 2.0 SC price: http://geni.us/2jnC Other GTX 980 cards: http://geni.us/Ctn...

The Tek 0160: The Bad Audio Episode That Was Almost Good

Video Logan 11 months 3 weeks ago AI hardware pc gaming the tek
Special note, do not buy, sorry for recommending. We were unaware of the bait and switch:...

Logan's Favorite Cyber Week Deals - Some Weird Products Too

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Epic Pants -  Order by the 18th!   Zweihänder Album on sale for $4.44   Cyber Monday deals!...

The Tek 0159: Qualcomm is Taking Over

Video Logan 12 months 4 days ago hardware pc gaming policy science
Seriously, we do need a new office: Support Tek Syndicate | Tek Syndicate New beanies in the store! Epic Pants Notes:...

Fractal Design Define R5 Overview - How Much Better Is It?

Video Logan 1 year 1 day ago case fractal design hardware
We finally have the Fractal Design Define R5. So, how is it? You have to check out the video for that. The quick summary: lots of silence and a crazy amount of water cooling options. Let us know what you think.

NZXT X99 Build: S340 Case, Hale 90 V2 1000W PSU, Kraken X61, ETC.

Video wendell 1 year 5 days ago asus Build buildapc case Crucial hardware intel nzxt plextor psu
We had several NZXT products to review, so we decided to do a full build. In this video you will get a good review of the S340 and also the Hale 90 V2 1000W PSU. Check out the video. Parts used: NZXT S340: http://...

ITX GPU Showdown: Sapphire R9 285 VS MSI GTX 760

Video Logan 1 year 1 week ago amd gpu hardware ITX msi nvidia Sapphire
We love a good fight. So, we put a couple ITX GPUs in the ring. The Sapphire R9 285 ITX is newer than the MSI GTX 760 ITX. They are similarly priced as well. Check out the video for details.  Prices and where to buy: MSI GTX 760 ITX: ...