Anonymous Takes Over the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook Page

News Feed Logan 3 years 6 months ago anonymous hacktivism westboro baptist church
EDIT: This news is floating around the web, but after further investigation it seems this page has been a meme page for quite some time. Some of the meme images date back to 2012. It's still a funny page and our disdain of the Westboro Baptist...

The Tek 0034: Logan is a Turkey

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago hacktivism legal policy science the tek the tek. hardware
Here are the unedited notes: FAST news Battlebots is back http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/11/20/robot-combat-league/ STFU about Twinkies...

The Tek 0023: Dragoncon, TPP, Google and Apple Being Evil, Humans Traveling in Space

Video Logan 4 years 1 month ago dragoncon hacktivism policy the tek the tek
The unedited show notes: Dragoncon montage - end with Felicia Day... roll opening sequence...speed news 10W intel ultra books: http://www...

Hacked FBI Emails: NYPD Involved in 'Damn Right Felonious Activity'

News Feed Logan 4 years 1 month ago hacktivism legal nypd rights
A while back, Anonymous hacked into the FBI and acquired 5 million emails. They turned these emails over to WikiLeaks and Truthout has been aiding in the investigation into this massive stack of emails.  This will probably be the first of many...

The Tek 0020: Tesla Museum, Kim Dotcom vs FBI, Assange vs London

Video Logan 4 years 2 months ago apple vs samsung assange hacktivism kim dotcom legal news policy the tek the tek
We have reached episode 20. I think it's time for a beer. Anyone wanna join me?  I think we have proven our staying power on the internet. The community has really been growing and the site is almost making enough money to live off of... almost. Don...

Steve Wozniak Video Interview: Internet Freedom, Kim Dotcom, Etc.

News Feed Logan 4 years 2 months ago eff hacktivism policy russia today steve wozniak woz
Steve Wozniak is one of the smartest nerds alive. He is also refreshingly blunt. Here he speaks out about the government regarding the handling of the Kim Dotcom case, the future of internet freedom, etc.  "The internet should be a country of it's...

The Tek 0015: OUYA Console, Porn VS The People, Secret Government Scanners, DayZ

Video Logan 4 years 3 months ago dotcom evil hacktivism lamar smith legal logan policy the tek videos
We had trouble with Wendell's mic, so we were forced to use the camera audio for him. Sorry for the nasty noise! Here are the raw, unedited notes from this week's show: Apple on EPEAT:...

The Tek 0007: Moore's Law, Intel NUC, Anonymous vs Cispa...

Video Logan 4 years 5 months ago anonymous cispa hacktivism half life 3 intel nuc logan ron paul the tek the tek
The video might not work yet. It's still uploading... If it is not finished... wait. I'm going to bed! Here are the links (in the same format I use to make my notes): WTF: Fake Justin Beiber:...

Anonymous VS CISPA

News Feed Logan 4 years 5 months ago anonymous cispa hacktivism policy
Anonymous has release a video declaring their opposition to CISPA. They have planned a protest that will start today (May 1st, 2012) and end on June 30th, 2012. They plan to target AT&T, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Bank of America,...