What is The 1996 Telecommunications Act? (Inbox.exe)

Video Logan 2 years 6 months ago 1996 telecommunications act inbox internet
If you want to know exactly what the 1996 Telecommunications act is, you've come to the right place.

Inbox.exe 0043: What We Really Do For a Living

Video Logan 2 years 8 months ago gaming hardware inbox logan Networking Qain wendell
So, what do we really do for a living? Check out the video! Inbox questions go here: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/inboxexe Hot sauce we like: http://amzn.to/...

INBOX.EXE 0042: How to Lan Party

Video DeusQain 2 years 11 months ago inbox inbox
Questions this week: We hit 200,000https://teksyndicate.com/forum/inboxexe/tek-syndicate-razethew0rld-youtu... Black Friday insanity...

INBOX.EXE 0039: Will Programming Become Obsolete?

Video Logan 3 years 1 month ago inbox inbox
We are about to shoot several more inbox videos now that we are situated at the new office. Questions go here: INBOX.EXE Don't forget to check here for the latest game deals:...

INBOX.EXE 0035: Build Your Own Damn Router & Nas

Video Logan 3 years 3 months ago freenas hardware inbox pfsense X79
We cover the basics on building your own router and NAS. Also, we talk about why we both (Logan and Wendell) are using the X79 platform. Inbox questions go here: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/...

INBOX.EXE 0031: The Best Web Hosting Services

Video Logan 3 years 5 months ago hardware inbox inbox ssd web hosting
The questions: Hello Logan and Teksyndicate Team, I would like to hear your opinion about TCP/UDP/CHECKSUM off-loading found on consumer network cards. Several gaming companies such as Blizzard suggests turning them off on Realtek cards. What about...

INBOX.EXE 0030 - Our Cameras, Software, & Equipment

Video Logan 3 years 6 months ago canon gaming mouse inbox mouse
Wendell and I discuss our gear. We also state which mouse we are currently using and which ones are our favorites. Let us know what you think.

INBOX.EXE 0027: How to Kill a Ghost Fox

Video Logan 3 years 8 months ago hardware inbox inbox
The Questions: Dear Logan, Wendell, Maks, and the rest of the Teksyndicate team,   I was wondering what your favorite Linux operating systems are so that I may find one to use in a future build. This build will be for my brother and he will most...

Inbox 0026: Wendell is Back Behind the Camera

Video Logan 3 years 8 months ago case mod hybrid drives inbox overclocking
The questions: Hey I've been attending LAN parties quite frequently for the past few months, my parents however are getting annoyed how much I've been gaming (like 4 hours a week), they say it is a waste of time, they also don't wasn't me going to...

Inbox.exe 0025: Worries Regarding the Community

Video Logan 3 years 10 months ago gpu inbox inbox ram
The questions:  What up. Do you have an ETA for the AMD FX 8350 review/overclocking video?I am itching to know. >:D Ben Hey Logan,  Now I will keep this short and sweet.I was wondering if you ever thought about making more music like you did...

Inbox.exe 0024: Krampus is the Reason for the Season

Video Logan 3 years 10 months ago hardware inbox inbox
This episode's questions: Helloooo Logan and team, My friends and I were going to have a little LAN party in a couple weeks and I was wondering if you could give some important tips for making a LAN party a successful and fun one! Please include...

Inbox.exe 0023: Strong Beer

Video Logan 3 years 10 months ago beer hardware inbox inbox logan maks the meaning of life
Do you go to many LAN parties?  I've been going to our local lan party since I finished highschool. We've been running it for 7 years and 46 events! We are now the oldest lan in melbourne. :D   Hey Logan and Tek crew, I really love the work that you...

Inbox.exe 0022: Fanboys Must Die

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago hardware inbox inbox
Logan,   Is it just me, or are there unbearing amounts of fanboyism going on in the forums?  The other day, some guy literally got into an argument with me about how an AMD card is better for Adobe After Effects, stating that CUDA is a marketing...

Inbox 0021: We Know Our Shizz

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago hardware inbox logan maks
Here are the questions: \So, Logan i did some huge mistake when i built my first rig. I applied to much thermal paste on the cpu and the thermal paste is on my motherboard.. around the cpu socket.. nice right? so i was thinking if i would just clean...

Inbox.exe 0020: You'll get caught up in the BASSFIRE!

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago beer education hardware inbox software
Here are the questions from this episode: Hey Logan, I was wondering if you could make a Hardware and Software gift guide for 2012 like you do for T!&3& D)$&&!.  It would be awesome! 01011001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000...

Inbox 0019: How to get Beautiful Skin (and several hardware questions answered)

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago inbox inbox psu
Here are the questions: Hi logan Im from Denmark and really love your youtube channel You keep talking about companies trying to limit your service and mayor companies trying to screw you over at every oppotunity And almost every documentary we see...

Inbox.exe 0016: Win a Radeon 7970

Video Logan 3 years 12 months ago beer hardware inbox pc gaming
Win the Diamond Radeon 7970: http://teksyndicate.com/content/win-radeon-7970 The qestions from this episode: Hey Logan,  I recently purchased parts for my first build, went with the Amd...

Inbox.exe 0015: Reticulated Anaconda Tarantula Trouble

Video Logan 4 years 6 days ago gaming hardware hardware inbox inbox
Here are the unedited questions:  Hey Logan,   At the beginning of the year I got a MadCatz R.A.T. 5 mouse and pretty much everything about it I like, except for one. While playing certain FPS games such as Call of Duty my mouse will randomly spin...

Inbox 0014: Uncensored Insanity

Video Logan 4 years 1 week ago bitcoin mining inbox inbox.exe water cooling
Warning, this episode is explicite. We decided to stop censoring the inbox. Enjoy. Here are the questions: Linus has mentioned you in his streams multiple times and actually backed you and told his followers to sub. Mention him just as a tip o the...

Inbox.exe 0012: Serious Feedback - What do you want us to cover next?

Video Logan 4 years 1 month ago contest debate inbox Kingston
Our viewers are serious about their content. Some have been asking for more deep discussions... some have been asking for more historical content. Let us know what you want. Watch the video before commenting. 

Inbox 0011: Net Neutrality, Linux Distros, Cheesy Impersonations

Video Logan 4 years 1 month ago inbox inbox.exe linux net neutrality
Here's a list of questions (from this inbox video): Show has been awesome so far, fun to watch and great source of relevant tech news! However, in episode 17, you guys argued for Net Neutrality, and I would like to bring something up which is rarely...

Inbox: Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD

Video Logan 4 years 3 months ago asus hardware inbox ultrabook. laptop ux32vd zenbook
I recieved several questions after posting the Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD video. First, here is a question I forgot to answer in the video: Will it run high res external monitors such as 27" 2560x1440 or 30" 2560x1600 over the HDMI port? hobosoap The...