How to Build a PC: The Ultimate Guide from Tek Syndicate

Video LittleViking 3 years 11 months ago buildapc diy diy hardware how-to pc
Here's our concise "How to Build a PC" guide.  Share it with your friends who are new to building! The real goal here is to attract some new builders and new gamers (maybe some console gamers). Let us know what you think.  One more thing... Someone...

How To Apply Thermal Paste

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago buildapc diy hardware how-to thermal paste
In order to stay cool, the CPU needs to have contact with the heatsink. That's where thermal paste comes in.  It's true purpose is to fill in the tiny imperfections on the heatsink and the top of the CPU.  Share this with any friends you have that...

How to Install Thermal Paste The Kentucky Way

Video Logan 3 years 11 months ago buildapc diy hardware how-to thermal paste wtf
Well, this is ridiculous. Do not actually follow this guide. Follow this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hNgFNH7zhQ

pfSense: How to Turn an Old PC into an Epic Router

Video Logan 3 years 12 months ago diy firmware Networking pfsense routers
As far as routers go, there is nothing better than pfSense (especially when you factor in the cost: free). pfSense is based on freeBSD, so it is insanely secure. It also has it's own package manager, meaning you can install plugins. I'll list some...

Did the Watch Dogs preview make you paranoid? Build yourself a jammer!

News Feed Vannek 4 years 6 days ago diy hardware
Watching the trailer for Watch Dogs got me thinking, what would happen if I saw my phone acting wierd or I started getting phantom calls? Well it hasn't happened yet, but just to be safe and have a little more know-how I found a nice little tutorial...

How To Make RJ45 Network Patch Cables - Cat 5E and Cat 6

Video Logan 4 years 2 weeks ago cables diy how-to Networking Qain video
If you have yet to learn how to make RJ45 Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables, now is the time. Everyone should know how to make these. If you would prefer to make evil cables... Well,...

How To Make an Evil RJ45 Cat 5e Patch Cable

Video Logan 4 years 1 month ago cat 5e diy ethernet how-to patch cables rj45
Qain is the master of the evil patch cables. We shall release a less evil "how to" video soon. I imagine everyone here knows how to make their own RJ45 patch cables, but this video should be a good guide, lest you forget.