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  1. I had not heard of 'Swan' before, the things you learn on Crit :smiley_cat:

  2. Buy solar powered ai android, download gardening and carpentry into its memory, instruct the android to build you a house and a garden, profit?

  3. GabD says:

    You "tax robots" by taxing their use. The income tax that would otherwise come from an employee's salary can just be taken from the increased revenues that the robot produces for its owner. To be explicit, you impose a higher income tax on the owner of the production robot.

    You don't "tax robots" as in "ask the robot to pay". That's an absolutely ridiculous misunderstanding.

    Also, the jobs that will be replaced have always been a waste of human resources.

    Good thing that unemployed people can benefit to society in other more productive ways than flipping burgers.
    They can start learning things, making art, writing, volunteering, doing science, innovating.
    All sorts of things that they otherwise wouldn't have the time or energy to make it worth doing.
    This is what humans are actually good at.

    And we now have an economic incentive to nudge people in that direction through higher education, instead of asking them to become glorified automatons themselves.

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