Passively Cooled 20-Core Intel Xeon Build in the Streacom DB4 | Ridiculosity

Josh stopped by with his crazy ITX motherboard and we decided to try the 20-core in the Streacom DB4 passively cooled case. What could go wrong?


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  1. Interesting concept build; I loved the 'run & gun' style of video-capture.

  2. Good to hear. I prefer it to the typical presentation style.

  3. I think Logan does his best work when it's kinda impromptu, just throw the camera on and start talking. It's also more fun to watch. Great video.

  4. This is my favorite video i've seen on the channel in a while. Pretty cool you're working with Crit now @Fouquin I also really enjoyed how relaxed the format was.

    I feel bad for that PSU though... poor thing.

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