Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti VS. GALAX HOF 1080 | Gaming Benchmarks

The embargo has been lifted. You get 1080 Ti benchmarks! YOU get 1080 Ti benchmarks! EVERYBODY GETS 1080 Ti BENCHMARKS!

Watch as GTX 1080 Ti attempts to hassle the HOF.  What will happen?

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Notable Replies

  1. This card is very fast! I was wise enough to see if people would sell their 1080's to get the 1080 Ti and it paid off. I am happy to run two 1080's in SLI!

  2. Very nice! I would love to see a 980ti OC vs 1080ti OC video to see the difference you would get since the 1080ti is the direct replacement to the 980ti.

    Of course jayz2cents and bitwit and linus will make this video, but they will have the 980ti at stock speeds to make it look like the 1080ti is a god card.

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