Far Cry 4 pre-order shows up $12 Off & More Mid-Week Gaming Deals

Today the Far Cry 4 PC pre-order showed up at GameFly, where a coupon code knocks 20% off. The same retailer is offering Battlefield 4 for $19.99 while Dragon Age: Origins is only $4.25.

A boat load of gaming deals spotted this week, but what came out of the blue and takes the cake is Far Cry 4. The PC Download pre-order became available just his week on Uplay, but today showed up on GameFly where a 20% off coupon code cuts the price down to $47.99 and locks you into a $12 discount.

While GameFly's 20% off coupon runs through the month of June, the discount on Far Cry 4

Use coupon code: JUN20OFF


In other discount gaming news, that same 20% off coupon can be used in conjuction with an up to 75% off instant savings on select EA titles at GameFly. The sale drops Battlefield 4 to $19.99. Solid deals on Mass Effect & Dragon Age.

EA Origin Discounts

Use coupon code: JUN20OFF


Other notable discounts today are from GamersGate. They're PC Gaming Summer Sale is nearly at an end, but includes discounts like Tropico 5 for $29.99 - or the lowest price since its May 23rd release. Unfortunately GamersGate's deals end at 6 am Pacific on 6/19, so you'll have to act fast.

Today Only PC Games

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posted 2 years 1 month ago

 Thank you for this! Going to order FC4 Gold in a week or so!

posted 2 years 1 month ago

 Doesn't seem too be enough gameplay footage around for me to buy FC4.

posted 2 years 1 month ago

Meh its just gonna be another watered down port, probably even gonna have hidden settings on the pc turned off just so the console version wont look so much worse on comparison. Its still Ubisoft Montreal, and they've said they are making the consoles run ultra so that means they are holding back the pc. They don't deserve anyone's money.