Google's 'Field Trip' App

Google is making yet another push to blend technology with every-day life.  This app, called 'Field Trip',is essentially an automated tour-guide to the world.  This app runs in the background and occasionally send you notifications about nearby landmarks, surrounding restaurants, or even local trivia.

The app has two modes, 'Feeling Lucky' and 'Explore'.  The first sends occassional information, while the latter will push a lot more information.  The app can also be turned off for when it wouldn't be appropriate to have your phone updated with random info.

Google partnered with several different companies to produce the content, including Zagat, Eater, Inhabitat, and The Daily Secret.

For more info, check out this Huffington Post article.  Let me know what you think--would you realistically use it?  Do you try to avoid being so constantly plugged into your phone?

posted 4 years 3 weeks ago

 It looks interesting. I can't really test it where I am, the middle of the midwest has near nothing to offer in terms of landmarks, but will definitely try it when going around.

The thing I want to see from it is to enable finding the hidden places that you can only find by talking to locals or by wandering around. I remember finding a couple of places like that in Edinburgh a when I was there a few years ago and thinking to myself: "Why did not one tell me that this existed?!"

posted 4 years 3 weeks ago

 This would be interesting if it had a "Travling" mode; for when you go to a different country, you get some updates about local cuisine, or the best tourist spots, etc.

posted 4 years 3 weeks ago

It must be a huge task to produce and fact check all this information, sounds quite interesting though. Reminds me of google glasses actually.