Chris Avellone on Wasteland, Planescape Kickstarter

Gameindustry.biz recently interviewed Chris Avellone, where he detailed his work at Obsidian and for Wasteland. Avellone stated that he is "very tempted" by the idea of funding a spiritual successor to the famous Planescape: Torment (1999) with Kickstarter, and goes into details about his views on the Kickstarter model.

"I don't know if I'd want to do it as a Planescape game - I think a better approach would be to ignore the D&D mechanics and respect what Planescape was trying to do and what the game did and see if you can do what Fallout did when it became the spiritual successor to Wasteland."

You can read the full interview here.

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posted 4 years 12 hours ago

 This is really interesting. I would love to see another Planescape game. The first was one of the best D&D games ever. As for D&D... I guess it's ok that they are making their own rules... so long as it works. 

posted 4 years 12 hours ago

I get the impression either he wants a spiritual sucessor not set in the planescape multiverse, and/or something that doesn't have to be a traditional cRPG.. meaning he could be dreaming up anything inbetween a first person adventure game or a text based adventure. I'm hoping for something inbetween. Seems strange that he wouldn't do another game in the planescape world though, theres so much that could be explored.

posted 3 years 12 months ago

 i agree its nice to see them making there own rules, but what i hope what they do is that they take the basic D&D rules and basicly make it different, well its hard to explain but they really need to get that axpect right because its really importand, for myself im 15 and i am really interestet in this series i just installed the original :D