Kim Dotcom Creates Protest Music Video to Rally Towards Freeing the Web

Kim Dotcom posted a music video calling citizens of the internet to fight political corruption effecting the web.

It looks like Kim Dotcom has finally issued a call to arms. After the US government raided Megaupload’s servers and froze his assets, Kim Dotcom has embodied the political corruption attacking the internet. Back in January, the US government teamed up with New Zealand’s to take down Dotcom’s online file hosting website, Megaupload, in a surprise attack that clearly violated due process.

Doctom’s YouTube channel, MrKimDotcom, released today a video titled “Kim Dotcom - Mr President” that acts as a call to arms for those who want to remove the forces behind such assaults on our internet rights as SOPA or PIPA. ‘Mr. President’ is no simple address however, the four minute video features Dotcom singing in what can only be one of the more unique callings of its type. Some of the song’s lyrics “Let's get together, lets all unite, / or they will do whatever they like” and “We must oppose, don't vote for those, / who want to take us back in time” are clearly aimed at rallying the public while the chorus, “What about free speech, Mr. President? / What happened to change, Mr. President? / Are you pleading the fifth, Mr. President? / Are you going to fix this, Mr. President?” mocks the tactics that politicians use to defend their unwillingness to act on the matter.

While this is clearly a cry for internet users to make a stand, do you guys think ‘Mr. President’ will be able to successfully rally the people? We’ve already seen the result of many websites fighting for a cause with the SOPA internet blackout back in January, but will the same big websites that promoted that action be willing to assemble around Dotcom? I for one would love to see some sort of response from the US government on this new chapter in the Kim Dotcom saga.


Source: YouTube via Gizmodo, Thumbnail: Business Insider

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 I wish we had someone to vote for for president besides Obama. Romney would be even worse and even though I like Ron Paul's detachment from corporations he has some good ideas and scary ideas even if he gets on the ballot. 

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 I'm not voting for either! I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson. Most people don't vote for 3rd parties because they don't think they can win. The population that thnks that is really huge and if they all oted for a 3rd party they will win.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 Kim Dotcom for president? ok i would vote for him :)

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 We have three options the way I see it.

#1: We all volunteer to go to jail until there's no storage for human waste left.

#2: Everyone come together, take the money you have and begin a new territory that grants freedom for everyone.

#3: Revolution

Neither of the presidential candidates are a good idea, period. I can seriously visualize children in classrooms reading off their tablets about the rise and fall of America. The government needs to be afraid of its people, not the other way around. In all honesty, if nothing is fixed in a matter of one or two years and it continues to get worse, I'd suggest stocking up on weapons and armor because shit will go down.

posted 4 years 3 months ago


Is this actually from anonymous? Or even true for that matter?


posted 4 years 2 months ago

 I'd rather have my shoe run the country than Obama so I'll vote for Romney just because he would be slightly better. At least he said he would protect the freedom of internet.