Nvidia Blows Multi-Million Dollar Deal Due to Poor Linux Support

Nvidia has fumbled a deal with the Chinese government, that may have cost them upwards of $500 Million. WTF Is Nvidia thinking?

I was shocked when I first read this article about Nvidia, mostly by how stupid Nvidia's team has to be to allow this kind of folly.

I have always defended Nvidia, as innovators, and while they have made products that were beaten in the benchmark race, I stood faithful that they had a betterment of technology as their core ideals.

This folly may have pushed me over the edge.  After the public display of affection from Linus Torvalds:

I agreed with Linus stating that yes, the Linux support from Nvidia has been terrible.  I was hoping this public defamation would inspire Nvidia to get their act together. 

It would seem I was wrong.

Nvidia has fumbled a deal with the Chinese government, that may have cost them upwards of $500 Mililon.

It turns out the Chinese government runs on a Longsoon MIPS processor on some home grown Linux machines.  When they decided to order Ten (10) million GPUs, Nvidia turned to them and said:  "Sorry our Linux driver doesn't support the MIPS architecture, and it would cost us millions to develop that."

Where was the CFO in this meeting?  Where was a CBA on how much developing a MIPS version of the driver would earn them after this awesome sale?  Who made this stupid decision?

China, decided to take a clue from Linus and gave Nvidia the finger and turned to AMD, who else?

 so I ask:


I will come and work your crazy deals with the Chinese Government from now on, though I doubt there will be any.

Full story: Geek.com

Youtube Video of Linus:  (it's a good video, worth watching the full hour): 

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 I read about this before and I don't know what side to pick. Nvidia's defense is pretty much that they don't to leak vital information about their hardware/driver's etc. by allowing the community to pry into the drivers. But at the same time, if they won't allow that, then they themselves should be putting a lot of effort into making their drivers for Linux good in the first place so the community doesn't need to. At least I think that's the jist of it, I didn't really read much into it so I could be wrong.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 I don't really care if Nvidia wants to make their drivers open source.  I do think they should look at the Cost benefit of spending "millions" on R&D into making MIPS drivers for their GPUs, and get a 10 million GPU sale.  They could also make their drivers a little more friendly to the linux community.  I am an avid Nvidia supporter, I like AMD chips as well, so I'm not a blind follower of any one company.

I am for the furthering of technology, but this feels like a step backwards to me.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 Get Windows - problem solved.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 it says it was a 'home built' OS, so it was being used for an exact reason, and probubly had functionality beond the scope of windows. not to mention if it was ot be used on any mashine with high ammounts of cores or ram, or for distributed computing... windows would have fallen shorts.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 can't use windows on mips, its free, and it made for a specific task, kinda how a PS3 uses a 7800GS more efficent than a PC can

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 i agree :)

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 OMG lets not start a windows / linux peeing match....

On the nvidia topic, I dropped nvidia chips 2 years ago because of sloppy drivers and poor service,I will not even use nvidia motherboard chipsets anymore, they have just gone to hades.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

and well, lets not just bash on nividia.... the AMD drivers for dual graphics (apu + gpu) on laptops SUCK!

the drivers that came with hte laptop were out of date, and caused artifacting on old games. i updated to the newer drivers, but it was installing the APU driver, not the gpu driver (and due to the fact you have to use the version checker now, i can not manualy download the correct driver). i switched ot the beta driver, as i could download the correct one, but if my laptop goes into power saving mode, doing ANYTHING hardware accelerated (like wahtching flash videos) has a 1/3 chance of locking up the computer to the point were i have to do a hard reset. and a lot of games mess up when dual graphics are on... ill start the full screen application and the image will be split in horisontal lines (like, taking slices of the image and moving them left, right, left, right...) and i have to restart the game 2 or 3 times to make it work.


NONE OF THAT HAPPENED IN LINUX! i just installed the proprietary drivers and it worked... so, i sort of want to yell at windows, amd, and nividia here....

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 ya , I know , i was able to update to 12.1 (any after just installed apu drivers only ) . 12.1 works pretty well with most games i have played on it .

posted 2 years 7 months ago

 IT INSTalls all drivers...the apu has a gpu built in... O:

the apu is used for nongaming, the drivers for dedicated kick it once you start gaming.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

 AMD Master Race...?

posted 4 years 3 months ago

Yep, because they provide the GPUs for the current gen consoles and the next gen consoles. And because there are many ppl who still think consoles are better than PCs, AMD will make bank.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

hey so "ATI" lost thats why AMD owns them, i was a big ATI user but then nvidia started to get better "geforce 6800" then game Dev. started to make gams using nvidia tech and in fact still do so nvidia is the master graphics card company, how ever they make drivers for Linux and all O.S.

posted 4 years 1 month ago

 This is insane, they are fools for declining.

posted 4 years 1 month ago

 This is insane, they are fools for declining.

posted 4 years 5 days ago

I would never do business with them, all they do is steal US technology and trade 24/7. Their whole economy is based on stealing our trade and technology to prop themselves up and hide the total failure of China communism. They have declared trade war on us and they are using "the art of war" on us and it is working. They then reinvest that money into putting us into debt with them and stealing more of our technology and taking over our markets like for example the solar manufacturing market.   They use a multipronged attack on stealing our trade:

1)They steal our technology through bribery, hacking and putting viruses on traveling businessmens laptops and cellphones including turning on the microphones to listen in on company meetings. I remember a NPR radio program with some officials saying the $ figure of loss because of this was 300 billion to 1 trillion per year.

2) They put really high tariffs on our goods there to keep them out of the Chinese market, while subsidizing their own competing companies through various means that are making the same products and counterfeits.

3) They are the #1 global counterfeiter of US brands. That is direct trade and job theft I'm sure in the trillions per year and millions of jobs.

4) They put pressure on US businesses to relocate to China where their technology will be taken by the government and then given to their own people to counterfeit by:

a) Limiting raw material exports

b) Manipulating the currency to keep wage costs low for as long as possible so that other countries will by their cheap and counterfeit products instead of US ones.

c) Technology theft (You give it to us or we will take it).

d) Destroying their environment

 5) Gold farming online a $billion+ market. That is another form of slave labor wages job theft as people would be paying that money to European and US game companies in the form of subscriptions.

6) They are the #1 piraters of our music, movies and software. You can't even make money in China as a band except for concerts.

And lastly who would want to help these anti property rights people in any way? They block a free internet and then replace it with their own products. I don't know how much more clear it has to be made that they have declared trade war on us because they are a failure form of government.

posted 2 years 7 months ago

 whoa dude, lets get em back by beating up some local chinese people!

posted 2 years 10 months ago

@Ahmad Madiq Ismahl, I'm not sure what's with your picture but it looks really fucking weird. Getting back to the topic, let's get into the corruption of the US government and how it's run by corporations, has a war on drugs and weapons, yet has itself to blame for it. Every country has it's issues. On a lighter note, saying something like China "using The art of war on us" is a really silly thing to say.

posted 2 years 7 months ago

I say good, fuck China and fuck NVIDIA. 

Coming from an NVIDIA GPU owner.

posted 1 year 7 months ago

 Oh my.   Old forum.