Sex Toys Designed for Republican Candidates

This is freaking hilarious, and I could not resist sharing.  (Also, hello, I'm done with finals and back on the website.)  A student of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU got a rather interesting idea while working on a final project.  He was inspired by an errant x-rated ad which popped up on a website while he was doing reserach, and he noticed that the plug, in profile, looked like a line graph.

Of course, talking about line graphs/data and butt plugs will lead someone to think about Santorum and...well...as you can see, the rest is history.  

All of the data for these toys comes from Gallup polls.  Check out the video above, and below are the diagrams of the toys.

romney butt plug

santorum butt plug

gingrich butt plug

paul butt plug

perry and bachman butt plug


You can check out the website here (and even buy yourself a set!): http://mepler.com/Grand-Old-Party

Source: Wired

posted 4 years 5 months ago

 haha these things are damn expensive, but funny as all hell and poor Romeny

posted 4 years 5 months ago

 I know right where they can stick 'em. Democrats to. All politicians are in it for their own personal gain.