PC Gaming Lives: 54 Million PC Gamers Globally

PC Gaming is dying, they said... Nobody builds their own systems anymore, they said...

I keep hearing that PC Gaming is a dying breed. I've even seen "studies" that conclude PC Gaming is dying based on sales at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. The truth is that it is bigger than ever. 

According to John Peddie Research, there are 54 Million enthusiasts and PC gamers out there. How did they reach that number? Well, they define an enthusiast as someone who spends over $1000 on their  The hardware market is expected to hit $23.6 Billion this year and it will reach an estimated $32 Billion by 2015.

I could say a lot more about this here, but I'd probably get myself in trouble. Share this when someone says PC Gamers are a dying breed. 

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posted 3 years 21 hours ago

 thats because best buy sucks major donkey wang, and look at the selection at walmart, its terrible, they should base it on something like steam

posted 3 years 18 hours ago

 Yeah, Best Buy is probably going to go out of business soon anyway, and Wallmart's selection is pretty horrible. Most PC gamers don't buy games from brick and mortar stores anymore anyway because Steam and things like that are so much easier.

posted 3 years 18 hours ago

 Best buy and Microcenter has the best retail selection of PC games, as opposed to gamestop or something.  I ethier buy from them or Amazon as i still like to buy physical media.  The only time i ever use Steam to buy stuff is if something is on sale for real cheap.

posted 3 years 21 hours ago

 I only moved to the pc gaming arena in the last couple of years. If cross-platform play ever becomes a reality I dont think I'll ever buy another console.

posted 3 years 21 hours ago

PC Gaming is only gaming.

posted 3 years 20 hours ago

 Master Race reporting in.

posted 3 years 15 hours ago

 You mean there's games on things other than PC?

posted 3 years 14 hours ago

 Who buys their hardware at best buy or walmart? These two stores are fucking horrible, they are over priced and dont even have the hardware!

posted 3 years 14 hours ago

 wait walmart has hardware?

posted 3 years 14 hours ago

 well you can do price checks at best buy on the wrong card on purpose like say get a 2GB OC edition 550Ti and have it price checked on newegg as the cheapest 550TI, thats what I did with a friends build

posted 3 years 6 hours ago

 Honestly, you can go back to the mid 90's and read gaming articles in magazines, discussions on BBS' and so-on about how the N64, PS1, Saturn and what have you will kill the PC with X feature or Y asset. The fabrications about the death of the longest running gaming platform in history will never cease.

Best Buy and Wal-Mart no longer stocking hardware can't be a bad thing. People will be pointed to superior resources for hardware, such as Newegg in such an event, and find themselves getting more bang for their buck.


posted 2 years 11 months ago

 I know alot of console gamers that are thinking about switching to pc(my convincing) because the graphics are way better, online play, and older audience. They are really just diappointed with the 6 year product cycle, and are ready for something new.

posted 2 years 11 months ago

 They can add 1 more to that total. Finished two days ago. I grew up on consoles since atari 2600 up to about the sega saturn era occasionally playing doom on PC at a buddies house. Then my Mother bought an HP pavillion PC with a massive 800 mhz processor and threw in some voodoo GPU. It began...

posted 2 years 5 months ago

 Did they count the amount of people buying their games of off steam? I don't have an extreme PC yet but am working as best as I can to get one! :D PC GAMERS RULE!!!

posted 2 years 2 months ago

 that is 54 million based on spending $1000 or more.

Think of all the younger gamers spendind $600 to $999. That is probably another 60million.

All these hardware companies would not be making heaps of competing parts (asus, gigabute etc) if there was not a market they could turn a profit from after all the R&D. Dev's would not make better looking PC versions like Crysis 3 or Sleeping Dogs if the sales are not there.

In short, those PC gaming articles are just like any typical newspaper. Out of context, eggarated made up BS to get you to go "OH MY" and read there publication.

Steam alone has over 50 million accounts. Published PC sales figures are only retail. Think how many copies a game sells on a steam sale that are not published. Look at Skyrim's success on PC.


posted 2 years 2 months ago

 The way I see it, consoles are there to distract children (your averagely aged wii player or squeaker, take your pick) from playing with the older, more hardcore players (pretty much us and the other 100m players).

PC Master Race will always live.

Consoles are already in a downward spiral as it is. Might as well sell those consoles while theyre still worth something and start building a gaming rig. Consoles are turning into how arcades were. There used to be many back in the day. But look at it now, it's a niche market. There are so few today minus the large franchises. Give it the end of this next cycle, the big 3 we have been so fond of arent going to be around for much longer with the business practices they are using...