EU Asks Advice For Setting Up High-Speed Internet

This is what google image search thinks the internet is. Never realized how pretty it is.

Wow, the EU is actually consulting with their citizens to see how to more efficiently and cost-effectively they can roll out high-speed internet to the masses.  The EU believes that the current modus operandi is inefficient, and it believes that costs could be cut by as much as a quarter by their consulting with the masses on reusing infrastructure or coordinating civil engineering projects.

There's some serious incentive to upgrade the networks, as broadband penetration is correlated with economy growth.


posted 4 years 6 months ago

At the moment, if we don't have fibre available in our area, we can go online and "register our interest". If an area get's enough votes, BT comes along and provides fibre optic broadband even in very rural areas. Still not available where I live though, probably not surprising seeing as the nearest large town is ~20 miles away.

Also, thanks for the variety of articles you post :P

posted 4 years 6 months ago

That's a really cool system, it does kinda suck that you don't yet have access...perhaps they should do it by percentage of population in an area who wants it, rather than total number?  But I understand that it can be an expensive endeavor.

And thank you for reading :D