HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset | Overview & Mic Test

Tek Syndicate takes a look at the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset from Kingston.


Check out the HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset here- amzn.to/2wRPCyS
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Notable Replies

  1. I love gaming headsets and love the fake surround sound. I think though I will continue to just buy what I find affordable and that is whatever is on discount and catches my eye. The Ear Force Charlie LE COD MW3 headset I got at one point cost me $59.99 when it was priced much higher for years. Now when you buy something cheap can you end up with something with flaws? Yes. I will say after not much use the padding that rest on your head is flaking away. Thing is though I know I can do a quick fix on this and have them still be acceptable. I will most likely stick with Turtle Beach for headsets as long as they are around as I like the sound of them and the way they look.

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