Can someone help me get set up?

| posted 1 year 1 day ago

Can someone help me get set up?

I've tried to get started litecoin mining but I don't know how to work the reaper miner.

I've read quite a few instructions but none of them help.

Any help is appreciated.



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posted 1 year 1 day ago

Why dont you use the wallet miner? I am new too.

posted 1 year 1 day ago

Oh, I never saw that. Thanks I'll have a go with it and see the results.

Edit: I tried using the wallet miner but its mining at 0 hashes per second anyone got any advice?

posted 1 year 1 day ago

So in the reaper file open reaper.conf with notepad and where it says mine bitcoins keep mine litecoins and remove the rest. After that open the litecoin.conf file. Go to pool.gotgrapedrink.com or another mining pool and make an account. In the litecoin.conf file you should have something like this.

host pool.gotgrapedrink.com

port 9344

user your_username.1

pass your_password


protocol litecoin

worksize 256

aggression 14

threads_per_gpu 1

sharethreads 18

lookup_gap 2

gpu_thread_concurrency 6144


posted 1 year 1 day ago

Thanks for helping but once I do this and open reaper it keeps saying it can't connect to the servers.

posted 1 year 1 day ago

What kind of graphics card do you have? AMD or NVIDIA? or are you trying to CPU mine?

posted 1 year 1 day ago

It says something about the gpc nothing about cpus. I have an AMD.

posted 1 year 1 day ago

That's fine I just wanted to know so I could point you in the right direction.

1: Download Windows binary from https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=28402.0

2: Extract to preffered location (I dump it on C: but will work fine from other partitions or drvies)

3: Open notepad copy and paste the following without the ""s

" cgminer.exe -o http://pool:port -u username.workername -p password " set your own username.worker and password save the notepad as cgminer.bat in the previously extracted cgminer folder

4: Create shortcut to dekstop for cgminer.bat

5: Double click cgminer.bat, wait a moment while cgminer starts up

6: Look in cgminer console to see you are submitting shares


if you have problems

1. tell me what pool you are using

2. paste your cgminer.bat here

posted 1 year 1 day ago

Does it matter that I have windows 8?

posted 1 year 1 day ago


posted 1 year 7 hours ago

Which one is windows binary because there a bunch of stuff on that website?

posted 1 year 2 hours ago

windows 64 or 32... depending which one you have.

posted 12 months 4 days ago

I'm pretty sure i have 64