The Tek PDX: With Jay, Barnacules, Wendell, & Ed

Video posted by: Logan on Mon, 2015-02-23 17:42
Wendell, Logan, Jay, Jerry, and Ed sit down at PDX Lan to discuss various things. Check it out.

Gear Tour: PDX Lan | What We Took With Us

Video posted by: Logan on Sun, 2015-02-22 03:15
Ever wonder what gear we take with us when we go to events? Check out the video to see the laptops, lenses, cameras, and everything else.

Build: X99 SLI Gaming PC | Be Irresponsible

Video posted by: Logan on Fri, 2015-02-20 03:36
We put together an X99 gaming rig (against everyone's wishes). Our community needs to get some work done then play some games afterwords. This is for them.

INBOX.EXE: Where We Would Live If We Could Live Anywhere

Video posted by: Logan on Wed, 2015-02-18 02:23
We are overdue for an Inbox episode. We discuss how to get involved with indie game projects, where we would live if we could live anywhere, and a lot more.

Sapphire AMD R9 290X VaporX 8GB Review & Benchmarks

Video posted by: Logan on Sun, 2015-02-15 23:57
We test out the 8GB r9 290X from Sapphire. Do you need 8GB? How does it perform? Check out the video.

The Tek 0170: You Don't Own Your TV, It Owns You

Video posted by: Logan on Fri, 2015-02-13 18:51
Thanks to Vivis for sponsoring.

Corsair H110i GT 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler Review, Benchmarks, & Overclocking Tests

Video posted by: Logan on Thu, 2015-02-12 18:20
We got our hands on the best Corsair water cooling unit to date. Check out the video to see how it performs in tests.

Mayflower Electronics CMOY Portable AMP - Win One! (We Inspired This Product)

Video posted by: Logan on Wed, 2015-02-11 16:09
Tyler stopped by to show us his new portable amp. This is a direct result of your feedback. Also, he's giving one away! Check out the video.

WASD 009: Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Video posted by: Pistol on Wed, 2015-02-11 00:41
This episode: We cover what we think will be the best games of 2015. Check it out to find some new games and see if yours is on the list.

Xigmatek Eris Mini-ITX Gaming Case Review

Video posted by: Logan on Tue, 2015-02-10 15:26
We take a look at this affordable mini-ITX case that has several interesting features. Check out the video for all the details.