Deals: Surface Pro 3 $200 Off & 960GB SSD Only $285

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Thu, 2015-04-16 19:10
The Surface Pro 3 with a Core i5 CPU drops to $799, while a 960GB SSD is only $285. Plenty more hardware and PC gaming deals this week, including $1 Dragon Age Origins.

Deals: Alienware Alpha Worth It Now At $399?

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Mon, 2015-04-13 17:09
The Alienware Alpha just dropped from $550 to $399... worth it for someone new to PC gaming? Also, discounts on tomorrow's PC releases GTA V & Mortal Kombat X.

Grand Theft Auto V 25% Off as PC Pre-load Goes Live

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Wed, 2015-04-08 17:38
GTA V pre-load goes live today as a 25% off discount is about to wrap up. Plenty of other deals available, including a 4K gaming laptop for $999 and a 22% discount on Mortal Kombat X.

Half Price Dragon Age Inquisition & Cheap Sennheiser HDs This Weekend in Deals

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Fri, 2015-04-03 16:50
The PC Gaming Spring Sales have launched this weekend with the lowest price ever on Dragon Age Inquisition, plus a ton of other deals including a $70 drop on a "best bang for your buck" pair of Sennheisers.

Deals: Dead or Alive 5 LR $28 & Cheapest Alienware Alpha

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Wed, 2015-04-01 16:54
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round drops $7 on PC, GTA V gets another 25% pre-order discount, a 49-inch 4K TV has been spotted for $420, plus the cheapest Alienware Alpha Steam Machines to date.

XCOM Complete $9 & 22% Off Tomorrow's Sims 4 Expansion

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Mon, 2015-03-30 17:33
Everything XCOM Enemy Unknown bundled together for only $9.75, a discount on tomorrow's Sims 4 Get To Work Expansion, and some decent discounts in the headphone/audio department this week in deals.

Weekend Deals: GTA V Exclusive 25% Off + $10 Skyrim Legendary

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Fri, 2015-03-27 19:04
Its a good weekend for PC game deals. GTA V for 25% off. Giant Bethesda sale, including $10 Skyrim Legendary.

Deals: 25% Off Pillars of Eternity at Launch, 50% off Starcraft II

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Wed, 2015-03-25 18:55
The new single player RPG Pillars of Eternity releases tomorrow and we've found a 25% discount. There's also Blizzard PC Downloads on sale and a 4k 42-inch HDTV for only $330.

GTA Complete Pack $8 & a 2K Games Sale This Weekend In Deals

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Fri, 2015-03-20 18:49
Steam and other PC gaming retailers are running sales on Rockstar & 2K Games titles in excess of 80%.

ESO Tamriel Unlimited Reboot no Subscription Fee & 22% Off

News Feed posted by: Dealzon on Wed, 2015-03-18 17:27
The Elder Scrolls Online reboots to a "Tamriel Unlimited" edition with no monthly subscription fee. Of course, that means most retailers are charging full price again for the game itself. Thankfully, we did find one 22% discount. Plenty of other deals in the works, including a 22-inch IPS monitor...