The Tek 0014: Detroit Zombie Apocalypse, Cisco's Evil Cloud, AMD Trinity Benchmarks, etc.

It's America day. While everyone is out grilling in the heat we are nerding out with some tech news.

Here are the raw notes:

Internet and Nerd Culture

Valve Releasing Source Filmmaker
Piracy is Not the Problem (preaching to the choir again):
Duplo Mode
US Government Says Mermaids do Not Exist:
Cisco's Evil Cloud
Legal and Policy

EU Says You Can Sell Your Digital Downloads:

Intel Fighting the $1.3 Billion EU Antitrust Fine
Update: The Internet/ World VS Carreon:
Three NSA Whistleblowers Back EFF's Lawsuit Over Government Spying:
Nokia Upset over Asus and Google - Abusing their Patents with the Nexus 7:
Hardware & Software

AMD FX-8350 Piledriver CPU in mid-Q3
AMD Trinity APU's Benchmarked:
Samsung 16GB DDR3 Modules:
Rim stuff:
Email from TS User, DeonAB, about RIM:
Hello Logan,
(http://teksyndicate.com/users/deonab) has sent you a message via your
contact form (http://teksyndicate.com/user/1/contact) at Tek Syndicate.


Hi man I love what you are doing online and everything.
yh RIM is in bad shape because of their 2 past CO CEO
but now their new CEO is changing everything their New OS is called BB10 of
the QNX platform. Their tablet is called the playbook and it is like a beta
hardware for the OS so that when their new phone come out lat this year it
will not be half baked. they are strong in HTML5 check out this test
http://html5test.com/results/tablet.html and
and why people will want to buy RIM they acquired a lot of companies like TAT
QNX and many more and they got a lot of patents.
just google TAT Blackberry and look at what they have demoed and check out
crackberry.com to see the wonderful things that is happening at RIM.
Check this video out about their new keyboard
This is their new Camera feature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF2cLwPHaNY
You will be amazed with some of the stuff they are making you will not be
wowed but you will be

UEFI Bios fixed:
Dave Gibbons and Charles Cecil Reunite for an Adventure Game
get a copy of Beneath a Steel Sky: http://www.scummvm.org/downloads/
Linux Users Banned From Diablo III:
Play This:
Doom 3 Source Code: 

Lastly, if you are in America, enjoy your holiday... And please, for the sake of the rest of the world. Shut the hell up about how the USA is the "greatest nation"... It's an extremely ignorant statement... Especially when there are places like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany (to name a few). 

posted 4 years 3 months ago

Ready to buy Logan's music.

Also, with regards to the makeshift pope hat, what are your opinions about using plastic water bottles?  I am a firm supporter of the 'water bottle ban' initiative at my university (the goal is to ban the sale of plastic disposable water bottles such as your hat by university shops), and I'm wondering what your opinion on the matter is. 

posted 4 years 3 months ago

I know you make these in advance, but the bans on Diablo 3 and Linux, well the ban happened to one guy because he was apparently cheating, that's what it boiled down to, and he was just trying to garner pity, I followed the ever living fuck out of this, because I knew WoW and SCII work under Linux, and according to Blizzard, if you can get it to work, go for it.

Links for relevancy, fuck you, I'm spiderman, and I make up words. 



posted 4 years 3 months ago

yeah the dude was cheating

posted 4 years 3 months ago

There goes my CCNA knowledge... again...

posted 4 years 3 months ago


posted 4 years 3 months ago

"it doesnt say what will happen when they catch you, i imagine they'll eat you (pause...they're all on bath salts) made me lol. Those new APU's are going to be real nice if they're priced right my sister wants a new pc and id love to build the pc instead of her buying a POS one from best buy. 

posted 4 years 3 months ago

I don't know about the reat of you guys but I'd buy every gamebon stram that is available on Linux just because they are supporting Linux. There is abnicely sized steam group called "We Want Linux Client" of about 4600 members that would do the same.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

Gabe Newell is the most awesome game developer!! I had a chance to meet him at a game developers confrence and picked his brain a little and also throw some ideas i have had on different games also on some Valve games like Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 Half Life and he was very receptive.  i also have emailed him with ideas on MMO's and how they are being held back by the lack of FPS style play in game which he totally agreed. He has basically led the fight to have games created on different platforms such as Apple and he has always said Linux is a very well put together operating system and he doesn't understand why it has been basically isolated by the gaming and hardware developers . So for him to spear the game industry to make games playable on Linux is no surprise to me.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

Gabe Newell +1

posted 4 years 3 months ago

I demand Logan Music.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

Lol,  Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany are not better than America they have some pretty riduclous laws over there when it comes to things i like say freedom of speech or gun/knife laws..i know we have ridiculous laws here as well but ill take it over those countries.

posted 4 years 3 months ago

http://gametreelinux.com/   <-- here is the link to the new version of Cedega.  It was retired and moved to this project.