The Tek 0013: The UN's Evil Plan, Woz and Kim Dotcom,7970 GHz, CD Projekt's Cyberpunk Game, etc.

The UN wants to take over the internet. We talk about why this can never happen. Also, What is Steve Wozniak doing with Kim Dotcom?

Here are the raw and unedited notes:

The Internet and Nerd Culture

Kim Dotcom and Megabox


Woz and Kim Dotcom?


Secure Boot is Really Restricted Boot
The Free Software Foundation:



MS blocks Free Software Foundation


Hacking Hawking's Brain?


Vacation for Karen (the harassed school bus monitor):  


How to make sure EVERYONE sees a picture you hate:


Policy and Legal

Google to pay Oracle $0 and has two weeks to file to request legal fees:


Sonic.net CEO says we need a Two Week rule for cache:


The UN trying to steal the internet:


Infinite capacity wireless vortex beams

The new "Fastest Card in the World"


Fanless Heatsink... the heatsink is the fan

Intel MIC

Surface Tension:

What the hell?


Big Mistake?


Comments on this post:
complains about branded hardwarecomplains about the kickstand pricestepping on OEM's toes" It tells the world that no matter how much effort Microsoft has put into making Windows 8 ready for tablets, people still need a keyboard and a trackpad. On the flip side, most iPad owners never think about hooking a keyboard up to their tablet; Microsoft feels the need to bundle one with every tablet"from a comment: "Throw away all the stuff that the Surface tablet has that all the other tablets on the market don't and you're left with just a run of the mill tablet..." 

LMAO... it doesn't even make any sense, it's a pointless statement... Funny when Apple announced the latest Ipad Adrian didn't write, "throw away the so-called "retina" display and the Ipad is just another tablet." 

"Throw away the hi-powered engine, the fancy European styling, and the hand-tooled fine leather interior and the latest Porche is just like every other car we've seen so far.. BWAHahahaha... 


CD Projekt doing their Cyberpunk game right:

Crytek estimates that the Wii U is as powerful as the XBOX360 (which is 24x slower than current gen GPU's!)

Check out Ground Branch

-In the SAME interview he states that he is underwhelmed by next-gen consoles. 

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I think you did something wrong, the video is below where it normally is.


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Yeah... everything is broken... Wendell updated the Drupal core to the latest version and tons of little things are broken now. I had to embed the video into the post... We are going to sit down tonight and fix everything. We have a massive bug list, lol. 

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Ah. That sounds fun, good luck.

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Where did you post the question about what everyone does with their hardware?

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The 7970GE does not beat the 680 entirely. In some titles they are equal, in others one tops another. No real winner. I do miss the lack of innovation by AMD - what they did with the 7970GE is exactly the same they did to the HD4890: "Hey guys, let's just overclock the s*** out of it and call it the king". Kinda lame because it a reference 7970GE does not beat a brand overclocked GTX 680 like EVGAs FTW, ASUS Matrix, MSI Lightning ect. And so they added a Turbo boost function... c'mon, that's soooo GTX 680.

Don't get me wrong now, the 7970GE is a good card, but I think AMD is being less and less innovative for every generation they release.

posted 4 years 4 months ago

Miami Heat? What is this? TigerDirect TV Tech Juice?

posted 4 years 4 months ago

Get your finger in that heatsink thingy, would take it clean off!

posted 4 years 4 months ago

I think they will put some kind of protection around it ;) We can say the exact same thing about Delta fans, but they havn't really chopped off any fingers yet. Why? Because people are cautious around such dangerous devices, or simply because fangrills exists :)

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its not that scary, look at the wii, it is the slowest out of 7th gen and it wasn't much more powerful than the gamecube, if the leap will be that large for them it should be fairly large for the other consoles, anyway you don't buy a nintendo product for its "amazing graphics" you buy it becuase you want to play the new metroid, mario, and zelda games, or if you are the cancer called casual gamers

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Another terrific show, off to bed...

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quick thing about secure boot....

there was a program called konboot that you booted from a pc, that then cain booted into windows and modified the system boot to basicaly bypass the password as a one time thing. (in other words, someone cold log on and do whatever, then log off and you would have no idea, becase your password will still be intact as of next boot).

i guess the fact that windows is insecure russled microsofts jimmies, and instead of fixing their os, they made secure boot a standard.

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That document just sounds insane, it's way over the top. Looking forward to seeing how that cuberpunk game turns out too.

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When you guys were making this week's Tek, something big has been developed in the Kim Dotcom saga. This was just yesterday here in NZ.

The article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10816159

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I zoned out on Logans beard, now I have to rewatch! FML

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