• Tales from the Loop: The Stranger Things RPG? | Analog

    Woo! Analog is back! This time, instead of a board game we’re showing off Tales from the Loop from Modiphus Entertainment.  Based on the stories and artwork of Simon Stalenhag, Tales from the Loop has you taking up the role of a teenager in the 80’s investigating all the weird phenomena that are somehow related the giant particle accelerator in your town. Tales from the Loop on DriveThruRPG- Tales from the Loop Stories and Artwork- Store:, Music: Game Deals: Patreon: Website: Forum: —————————– Discord: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Steam:… Twitch: Twitter: For marketing (sponsorship opportunities) inquiries email [email protected] Follow the team: Logan: Pistol: Justin: Gimbal used: Zhiyun Crane on Amazon:

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