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  • Gears of War 4 Review & PC Graphics Settings Overview | Is It Really a PC Game Now?

    Say hi to Justin! Justin knows his shit on when it comes to nerd culture, gaming and more. He’s a pro DM and used to manage one of the biggest boardgaming stores in Oregon. You’ll be seeing more of Justin in things like the return of WASD. For those looking for an update on Tek Syndicate – it will come! Legal things are taking time – when they are sorted out, we can respond. In the mean time, enjoy the new content Gears of War 4 is something new for Microsoft. You buy the game once and it is linked to your Xbox account. You can play on PC or Xbox. Justin played through the PC version. Check out what he has to say about the game. Then check out what I have to say about the settings (graphics, etc.).

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  • Deals: Core i7-6700K hits $299 & a solid 32″ HP Omen 1440p monitor coupon

    Three hundred bucks appears to be the limit to discounts on Core i7 processors. Today Monoprice [Update 9/1 – Monoprice killed their deal, but we found the same discount at one other retailer and replaced the link] is selling thepopular 6th gen Core i7-6700K for $299.99 on their eBay page matching its all time low. That beats out the next best price online by at least $40 and even is $38 cheaper than the best price for the 4th generation Core i7-4790K on Amazon. Looking at pricing data that goes back to 2014 it appears Amazon always charged at least $290 for the 4th gen i7-4790K, meaning discounts far below $299 might not happen for the i7-6700K. As long as we’re on the Core i7 topic, GMG is in some way partnered with Intel in a “Game with Intel® Core™ i7” sale with discounts up ot 79% off a handful of AAA PC games. The deals are actually pretty good with titles like Dragon’s Dogma, Shadow of MOrdor GOTY, and Rocket League near their all time lows. There’s even two titles making all new lows in the sale: Street Fighter V for $28.79 and Batman: Arkham Knight for $10.29. You’ll need …

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